I’m going to make a bold statement: the new normal in business strategy is to be social and personal with your audience in every aspect of digital marketing. If you’re a coach, entrepreneur, or even a small business owner, you need to incorporate social selling into your marketing strategy. It really is that simple and that important.

We all know that our offers must be aimed at solving problems for customers. Answering the question of “what’s in it for me?” is a top priority. However, the money and satisfaction from helping others are in the relationship. And it’s social media that helps build that relationship if you’re an online business or a coach.

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As we incorporate the ‘know, like and trust’ factor into our marketing plans, we will become more social across the board. And it’s why seeing the results from social media are not immediate. Social selling is an investment in relationship building, sharing your story, displaying your personality, and proving your value to others before they buy from you. It takes time, but here are a few tips to help.

Truth #1: Your Audience Wants to Connect With YOU, Not Your Business

I’ve seen it with my own social media accounts as well as with big names in specific industries: the accounts using personal names often outweigh the business accounts in terms of engagement and popularity.

Is it because businesses engage less? Or is it because people want to connect with other PEOPLE versus a business? Interaction with a business feels far more ‘salesy’ than engaging in an online conversation with another specific, known human being.

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Some will say that social marketing is not a popularity contest and that social media numbers are a vanity metric. I don’t disagree, but I don’t completely agree either.

Klout scoring helps individuals get noticed.Whether you’re a coach or a small business, your impact and influence are judged by your social media metrics in many ways.

For example, look at how social media and your online presence affect your Klout score or search engine optimization. The more ‘popular’ and engaging you are, the better you’re rated—in search engines, by your audience, by your colleagues.

If you notice Klout grading, you’ll discover the analytics are for individuals–because these people ARE their brand. And they, as individuals, connect with their fans. The more they engage, the more their fans do too.

The result is more visibility, influence, and authority, which helps to sell.

Truth #2: You Get Fans—When You Really “Get” Your Fans

The minute your audience relates to you and becomes a fan is the moment when they see that you understand them—and once was in their shoes. And how do you do this? You share your story in a personable, relatable way via social media, your website, and your lead magnets.

If you continue sharing your journey, you’ll keep up the momentum of why people followed you in the first place. People want to feel as if they are right there along with you. True fans will last a long time because they relate to you, your brand, and your products/services.


True fans last a long time

This is where social media can outperform marketing to a cold audience. Imagine having a faithful following to whom you continually offer value. When you launch new products or services, they’ll be there waiting since you’ve connected to them beyond what you sell. This is what some many business owners and entrepreneurs overlook when investing in social media.

True fans last a long time, so invest in them because they’re also your customer!

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Truth #3: The Money May Be In the List, But It’s the Relationship that Succeeds

Building your email list is an important goal to ensure that you have direct access to your audience. However, there is no point in that list unless you have an ongoing, social relationship with your audience, including your subscribers.

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The world is inundated with email offers and opt-in opportunities. How do you stand out? The difference could be in how you relate to others—and how they relate to you. Your consistent but well-timed emails create a connection between you and your subscribers.

You may not hear directly from your subscribers, but you’ll know if you’re resonating with them because they’ll stay on your list. Without the connection, your subscribers and fans won’t stay. There’s always someone else courting them, so you need to consistently share your stories, offer value, and maintain a relationship.


If you are looking for people who have these skills mastered and are living proof that these truths work, check out these all-stars. Follow them on social media and sign up for their email lists to see how they interact with their audiences. We can all learn a ton from them!

Chalene Johnson
Kim Garst
Neil Patel
Ramit Sethi

Over to You

Your audience wants to know you before they buy, which why you need to be social in your selling. Social media has moved from being present on the right platforms to relationship building–via social media, email marketing, and even your website. For me, I’m incorporating these ideas into our strategy in every aspect of our brand this year. I’ll let you know how it goes. How are you incorporating social selling into your marketing plan?

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