It started with a fierce desire to have more time for what matters - and the need to help others achieve the same.

What Do We Do?

We teach small business owners how to use marketing to achieve their personal, lifestyle, and business goals faster with less overwhelm and more fun.

Am I
in the
right place?

If you’ve asked yourself any of these questions, then you’re in the right place!

How can I drive more people to my website and sales funnels? (What’s a sales funnel?)

How can I get more work done in less time – without actually doing more work?

How can I use social media to get more sales?

How do I get more leads from my website?

How do I save time and money in my business?

How can I market my business while still having time to enjoy life?

Smart Bird Social is not a social media marketing agency.

We get this ALL of the time…people think that we’re a big agency with lots of employees who work on managing social media for businesses. But we’re not!

About Smart Bird Social - Jeff and Meghan photoFor a while, we did work on social media marketing and web design for clients. We even got to work with awesome entrepreneurs like Russell Brunson, Liz Benny, and Anthony DiClementi.

But, we’re not an agency. Smart Bird Social is me, Meghan, with my husband and business partner, Jeff. Jeff still works a full-time job, though, so it’s really just me. 🙂

As I mentioned above, we’re now creating online courses to help solo entrepreneurs reach their goals without pulling their hair out or wasting time away from the things they love to do.

Does that mean we never help clients with social media marketing or web design? No. There’s an exception to every rule. In general, however, 2017 is all about helping more people get more work done in less time through our courses.

Jeff helps me with all of the technology and accounting because hardcore IT work makes my head hurt, and numbers aren’t my favorite either. As for everything else in the business, it’s all me, baby!



About Meghan

Hello! Nice to meet you! I’m a digital marketing consultant who helps other small business owners like you struggle less while getting more done (both professionally and personally).

I help you grow and expand your business, extend your reach, build your authority, and increase sales through proven marketing tactics, systems, and strategies.

Professional Background

Professionally, I’ve helped small businesses, non-profits, associations, and large corporations achieve their digital and traditional marketing success stories.

Although I’ve been working for others for the past 20+ years, we’ve run our own business, Accolades Technology Inc., since 2003. I’ve been freelancing for over twelve years, with much of that time spent as a web designer and marketer. The past couple of years I’ve focused a lot more on social media.

Here are some of the industries I’ve worked with:


  • Financial planning
  • Aviation
  • Telecom
  • Senior living/retirement
  • Insurance
  • Nonprofit
  • Accounting
  • Physical therapy
  • Association management
  • Nursing
  • Military
  • Government
  • Digital Marketing 90%
  • Social Media 70%
  • Design 80%
  • Writing 90%
  • WordPress 70%
  • Branding 80%

Interesting Facts About Meghan

  • You might find her lip-syncing and dancing because she secretly wants to be a rockstar.
  • Her biggest mindset change was to look at each challenge as “simple and easy to do.” If you believe it will be hard, it will be.
  • She is a passionate member of the greyhound and galgo rescue community.
  • Although she loves pink, her favorite color is yellow.
  • One of her favorite marketing projects was to create a billboard at a racetrack (for cars, not dogs of course).

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