Think the benefits of Twitter for small business no longer apply? Is the platform dead? Sure, it’s not the cool kid on the block anymore since it’s been around for a long time (at least, in internet years).

If you’re convinced that Twitter is taking its last breath, there are plenty of high-profile people who prove that Twitter is still relevant as evidenced by their tweeting habits:

  • Celebrities
  • The media
  • Rockstars
  • Executives
  • Influencers
  • Well-known authors
  • Politicians
  • World leaders
  • Big corporations

Even average people like me use Twitter. According to 2016 stats from Twitter, the platform still has over 300 million users who send over 500 million tweets a day. If Twitter were to disappear, it wouldn’t be a result of a lack of users.

The benefits of Twitter for small business

In fact, Twitter still has an engaged audience. It’s rare for any online business or person NOT to have a Twitter username in their bio or contact information. Live television shows ask for feedback and participation via Twitter. The news media quotes tweets in their articles, and celebrities make major announcements via the platform.

Twitter is where conversations are taking place. 

Twitter has become engrained in what we do now and how we live. That’s why every time I hear people bad mouthing Twitter, I’m a little sad and annoyed. Twitter is still alive and being used every day.

You simply cannot communicate in the same easy, open way on other social media platforms. (And don’t even mention Facebook since you need an account to access its content.)

When it comes to your small business, Twitter is still a powerhouse for so many reasons.

10 Benefits of Twitter for Small Business

If you’ve forgotten how Twitter benefits your small business, then here are some reminders. If you’ve never considered Twitter for your social media marketing, then read on!

1) Drive traffic to your web pages

Need website visitors? Of course, you do! Twitter delivers and drives more traffic to your site. You don’t even have to pay for these clicks to your website.

According to marketing influencer Sam Hurley, if you’re not using social media to drive traffic and leads, then your brand is losing out “big time.” Sam built his business with social media and without a website. He receives a “healthy” amount of leads every week from LinkedIn and Twitter.

The benefits of Twitter for small business

Case in point, using my Twitter marketing system, I’m able to generate thousands of clicks to my clients’ websites. For example, for biohacking expert and wellness coach Anthony DiClementi, I was able to generate over 6,200 clicks to his web pages in only three months. Other than the cost of a few tools and my time, this traffic was free.

However, you need to tweet a lot for people to see your content. Two or three tweets a day isn’t going to make a difference in your traffic. Start with 10-12 tweets a day and work up from there. The more you tweet, the higher your clicks. (But no spamming your followers!)

2) Network with others

Reaching out to other people on Twitter could not be any easier. It’s about as simple as texting. (The difference, of course, is that tweeting is very public.)

Social media marketing is more like networking, especially if you’re in the B2B space. On Twitter, you can meet just about anyone and start a conversation.

Trying to reach high-profile industry influencers? Twitter is the platform for that job. Where else are you able to connect with people you don’t know but want to? Using Twitter’s search and hashtag functionality, it’s simple to join conversations, contribute value, and be visible.

Twitter is the platform where conversations are happening, which is great for your business.Click To Tweet

3) Distribute content

Marketing expert Mark Schaefer said in his recent book Known that if you had to choose one distribution channel for your content, he recommends Twitter (page 138).

The benefits of Twitter for small business

When you tweet, it’s content that has a fairly decent chance of getting seen if you have targeted followers. Even if you don’t have followers, your tweets are accessible by the public and anyone searching.

Facebook, on the other hand, messes with your content’s ability to reach people. You can pay to get more reach for your content. Unfortunately, Facebook users can see when your content is “sponsored,” so the experience is more promotional.

On Twitter, make sure you’re sharing quality content that’s relevant to your audience. Plus, you need to tweet frequently. Otherwise, content distribution is more difficult.

You can share your blog, eBooks, lead magnets, presentations, videos, and more on Twitter. The platform supports multiple types of media and makes accessing your content a breeze.

4) Communicate your brand

Your content expresses who you are and what you do. It’s Branding 101. Since Twitter distributes your content, your brand message is easily conveyed using the platform.

In fact, 75% of Twitter users feel better about small to medium sized businesses after following them and reading their tweets. And, 79% have retweeted a small to medium sized business, which means your brand message has a bigger chance of reaching more people.

The benefits of Twitter for small business

Twitter’s fast-moving platform and character limitation support sharing more branded content more frequently. Your message gets to become part of the conversation with numerous opportunities like trending hashtags and Twitter chats.

Communicating your brand is also represented in your interactions with others. Make sure to engage, provide value, and convey your message consistently.

5) Boost your SEO

Twitter and Google have a special relationship. You benefit from this relationship since your tweeting boosts your overall SEO juice.

For example, tweets appear in Google searches. Thus, incorporate your ideal keywords in your tweets to help your ranking for terms related to your business.

Tweeting frequently and about topics for which you want to rank to contribute to your overall online footprint.

Doing well in search and on social media is a factor in your overall metrics for getting found online. Klout and Alexa rank you based on your search and social impact. Using Twitter for business boosts your impact and results.

6) Improve your chances of purchase

Although the truth about social media marketing is that direct selling isn’t a practical goal, 69% purchased from a small to medium sized business because of something they saw on Twitter. And a whopping 94% plan to purchase from a brand that they follow on Twitter! (Source)

As with most social media platforms, sales are typically an indirect benefit from being active, consistent, and present on the right platforms.

69% of users purchased from an SMB because of something they saw on Twitter.Click To Tweet

Getting in front of users could really pay off since 84% of Twitter shoppers use the platform to look for deals, read product reviews, and find gift ideas. For every $1 spent on Twitter, retailers generate $6.17 in sales. With those statistics in mind, using Twitter for your marketing seems like an okay idea, right?

7) Reach a bigger audience

Twitter has global appeal. 79% of users are located outside of the United States, although 67 million Americans use the network. (Source) Combine a massive worldwide audience with open communication and you have an opportunity to expand your existing reach.

How would it make you feel to get your message to more people? How would your business change if you extended your reach to other locations and a wider audience?

With Twitter, you’re able to connect with a diverse and varied fan base, which can significantly extend your reach.

The benefits of Twitter for small business

Did you know that 81% of millennials check Twitter at least once a day?

8) Increase authority

As your Twitter following increases and you share more custom, quality content with fans, your authority climbs.

If you’re trying to be known as an industry expert or become a sought-after speaker, Twitter can propel your notoriety and influence.

Because of the public and open nature of Twitter, your visibility increases as more people find out about you, your knowledge, and your expertise.

Once people start looking to you for advice and thought leadership, your authority grows.By consistently sharing yourself with your followers on Twitter, you can raise your authority in a particular niche, which can greatly help your business.

9) Gather feedback

Using Twitter for business, you’re able to discover what your customers want. People are happy to provide feedback, opinions, guidance, and information.

This is your chance to interact on the front line with your audience. Talk with people on Twitter. Figure out their pain points, what they need help with, and what they like or don’t like.

A lot of small businesses overlook this benefit. Don’t ignore your fans. Listen to them!

Another benefit of Twitter for small business is gathering intel on your competition. You can see how your competitors’ audience is reacting to their products, services, and content and act accordingly.

How can you find relevant conversations, monitor your competitors and find potential customers? Twitter’s Advanced Search capabilities are amazing! This post from Social Quant will show you the ropes of Twitter searches.

10) Achieve big rewards with little effort

Creating custom content is mandatory to a successful online business. Custom content takes time and money to produce, so you want to maximize your investment. Re-using your custom content is key to making it work for you from a lead and conversion standpoint.

Twitter crushes the competition when it comes to re-purposing your content. You can produce one blog post and use it multiple times and in various ways on Twitter. Other platforms can’t support the same level of content re-purposing.  BOOM!

An added bonus is that Twitter is low maintenance. It isn’t picky about your image size. It will show a rectangle or square graphic…or you can completely leave out the image!  You can share a video (rectangular or square) or share a link…Twitter doesn’t care and supports your content type without the judgment that Facebook passes each time you post something.

Recycling your content on Twitter is simple and doesn’t require a ton of effort. You can produce quality content once, but use it many times. That’s what I call little effort but big rewards!

Over To You

The benefits of Twitter for small business are many, so it’s always a shame to watch them pass on the opportunity. The benefits go beyond leads and conversion! I hope you’ll give Twitter a first or second chance!


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