Attracting customers is a hurdle that every small business owner has to overcome.

In our increasingly digital world, solidifying your company’s presence online is an excellent way to cast your net out to consumers. Maintaining a comprehensive and consistent blog keeps your brand at the forefront of peoples’ minds.

Over half of marketers report that blogging is their top inbound marketing strategy. As more businesses heed this advice, it becomes increasingly difficult to set yourself apart. Despite this, knowing what to blog about and setting business blogging goals can radically increase your results.

Think about why you’re blogging to guide what you’re blogging about.

Here are eight business blogging goals to help transform your blog into an excellent marketing tool for your business.

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Business Blogging Goal #1 – Raise Your Authority

People want to buy from businesses they trust. What’s more, they want to feel that they’re dealing with an industry expert.

Your blog is an excellent place to assert yourself as an expert in your niche. Communicating a sense of authority to your readers tells them that they can trust your product, prices, and know-how.

Blogging Business Goals to Improve Your Content Strategy - Establish authority

Gather Legitimacy

  • Connect your content to verified profiles on social media to boost your search results and lend more credibility to your brand.
  • Increase your social proof through social media shares of your content.
  • Interact with industry influencers to elevate your perceived authority and exposure.
  • Collect endorsements and testimonials from former clients and industry mouthpieces.
  • Highlight client stories so that prospects see your ability to solve their most pressing problems.

Become a Thought Leader

  • Create content that covers issues pertaining to your industry rather than simply advertising your services.
  • Cover relevant topics in a unique way to stand out in your niche as an industry expert.

Establishing yourself as the authority in your respective field means increased exposure and customer confidence. Loading your blog with these authority-optimizing strategies can make your company stand out from your competitors.

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Business Blogging Goal #2 – Stand Out From Competitors

What differentiates you from the competition is your original, custom content. Creating content that expresses Y.O.U. (Your Original Uniqueness) is a business blogging goal that can boost readership and give your brand a distinct voice.

A blog that oozes authenticity and originality solidifies the Know, Like, and Trust factor, which helps sales. Talking about customer results or highlighting testimonials instill more confidence in your brand and give people more reasons to trust you rather than your competition.

The public knows only what you share with them. It’s prudent to publish unique content, which gives readers a perspective on how you differ in the marketplace.

Blogging Business Goals to Improve Your Content Strategy - Stand out from competitors

Generate Appealing, Relevant, Original Blog Content

  • Review your blog comments, emails, and social media to discover what topics to cover.
  • Use a content tool such as Buzzsumo to discover popular industry topics then add your own flair to them.
  • Write from a place of value and experience while tying your topic to your brand and offers.
  • Utilize headline analyzers to develop click-worthy, engaging titles.

Research Your Topics

  • Conduct extensive research for every blog post to write thorough and irreplaceable content. What’s more, researching similar postings will ensure that your blog is truly unique.
  • Utilize content search services like “Copyscape” and “Plagtracker” to scour the web for any content resembling yours.
  • With this information at your disposal, you can tailor your content to be unlike anything else on the web.

At the end of the day, people are only going to read what they find to be interesting. The average consumer will end up sifting through post after post until they find something that peaks their interest. Creating content that stands out will earn you more valuable exposure and help your blog leave a lasting impression on everyone who reads it.

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Business Blogging Goal #3 – Improve SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a marketing practice geared towards boosting brand visibility and getting quality traffic from organic, free, and natural search results on search engines. It entails both creative and technical elements that are necessary to enhance search rankings.

Your blog gives you the perfect opportunity to optimize your website for search engines. Optimize your content for search by positioning relevant keywords in your content (without overdoing it). These keywords tell browsers what your content is about and help your site rank higher in search results.

Blogging Business Goals to Improve Your Content Strategy - Improve SEO

Publishing new, fresh content on a consistent basis also helps your ranking. And, using an optimization tool such as Yoast SEO will ensure that you’re doing what you can to make each blog post search engine friendly.

Conduct Keyword Research

  • The first step to optimizing your content for SEO is developing a list of high-performing keywords, unique to your content.
  • Review the blogs of your most successful competitors and industry thought leaders to find recurring words or phrases.
  • Ask yourself, “What would I search for if this blog were my desired destination?” then filter the keywords of your hypothetical query into your post.
  • Once you have the basic idea of what search phrases are most likely to be used when searching for your business, use free keyword tools like Keyword Tool to build a broad list of relevant keywords and narrow it down to the ones with decent search volume and low to medium competition.

Practice Active Maintenance

  • Another critical part of the SEO process is maintaining your content’s potency and relevance.
  • Industry trends, customer interests, and search engine algorithms change with time. Continually repeat the SEO process to edit and update your pre-existing posts to keep them relevant and at ranking high.
  • Don’t be afraid to re-address the same subject of a previous post from a fresh perspective. While it’s important to constantly produce unique content, reiterating similar subjects/topics using high-yield keywords helps your SEO.

Including researched and tested keywords in your blog will increase your search engine ranking and keep your brand at the top of any search.

SEO blogging offers many benefits. But, it takes time, patience, and rigorous determination. It’s an organic and active process that, when managed properly, can elevate your business into an entirely different echelon.

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Business Blogging Goal #4 – Foster Relationships

Your blog can be an invaluable tool for gathering new prospects as well as an asset to maintaining your existing ones. Setting business blogging goals that foster dedicated consumer relationships will give your blog a more personal feel while simultaneously building customer loyalty.

Blogging Business Goals to Improve Your Content Strategy - Foster Relationships

Post Relevant, Valuable Content on a Regular Schedule

  • In the pursuit of return customers, publishing quality content consistently is a big factor.
  • Creating a blog series that addresses similar subjects on a weekly basis builds loyal relationships with your audience.
  • Publishing high quality, informative content offers value to your readers and endears customers to your business.

Connect via Social Media

  • Integrate your blog content into your prospects’ social media.
  • Optimize your content with enticing headlines or interesting social features, such as polls and quizzes.
  • Make it easy for your readers to share your blog content and promote it for you in a non-salesy way.
  • Incorporating your blog content into social media means more exposure to potential customers, higher chances of engagement with your audience, and increased opportunities to boost the Know, Like, and Trust Factor.

As a small business owner, you know that customer relations make or break your bottom line. Offering your audience free, valuable information on your blog through consistency Increases return readership and fosters relationship building. Your blog will be a welcome weekly read rather than an avoidable sales pitch.

Business Blogging Goal #5 – Convert Leads

Your business’ blog is only as valuable as its ability to convert readers into customers. Every blog you post is the hook in the form of helpful information, which you then use to reel in customers. The most important business blogging goal you have is likely to convert website visitors into customers!

Blogging Business Goals to Improve Your Content Strategy - Convert Leads

Improve Your Sales Related Copy

  • Optimize your call to action buttons to increase conversion rates.
  • Use your blog content to illustrate “before and after” scenarios to highlight how you solve your customers’ problems.
  • Focus on the benefits and not the features of your offer.
  • Be discreet but deliberate. You don’t want to suffocate readers with excessive demands to buy your product, but you also don’t want to be completely shy away from offering your solution.

Focus on the Sales Funnel

  • Your blog is the perfect place to give away free information while offering opt-in opportunities for content upgrades (aka lead magnets).
  • As “top of the funnel” content, your blog educates and informs readers, leading them into the awareness stage in the buying process.
  • Once your reader gives you their email address and becomes a lead, you have the chance to nurture them through an automated funnel.
  • Producing intentional, purposeful blog content in line with your offers and sales goals attracts your ideal customer and segments them into the right funnel.

Knowing exactly what readers need to hear in order to transform into customers may take many attempts. However, if you fail to execute a conversion plan with effective sales copy and an automated funnel, then you’ll be missing out on what your blog can do for your business.

Business Blogging Goal #6 – Establish Your Brand

While garnering new customers is an obvious benefit of any business’ blog, building a brand can be equally rewarding. Using your blog to give a voice to your otherwise faceless company is a great way to personalize and market your small business.

As I always say, all sales start with Y.O.U.! Your Original Uniqueness is the voice in your blog that will attract your ideal readers and help build a loyal fan base. People desire authenticity. Your blog is a chance to express and differentiate your brand to find your true followers with unique content. You’re more than just a logo!

Blogging Business Goals to Improve Your Content Strategy - Establish Your Brand

Develop A Writing Style

  • Implementing a certain style to your writing communicates an important sub-textual message about your business.
  • Writing your content with a certain theme or voice gives readers an idea of the kind of business you are.
  • Using a consistent voice and writing in the second person “you” connect your brand/business to your audience on a human to human level.
  • People identify with other people. It’s much harder to interact as a business, so use your blog to connect on personally with your readers.

Stay In Your Wheelhouse

  • Your blog’s posts should build off one another and deal with related, similar issues and ideas.
  • Remember: consistency in posting and theme builds trust, loyalty, and relationships!
  • Create a lineup of content that seamlessly transitions from one post to another, so readers are encouraged to continue reading.
  • Keeping your content under one topical umbrella can help you hone your niche, establish authority, build a following, and clearly communicate a brand.

Blog writing services by Smart Bird Social

When it comes to establishing a brand with your blog, style is the name of the game. Developing an effective and original writing style communicates a vivid image of your company to prospective customers. Additionally, keeping the content of your posts limited to a specific category can elevate both your brand and your status within your respective industry.

Don’t forget that today’s marketing is all about human to human interaction rather than B2B or B2C!

Business Blogging Goal #7 – Grow Your Email List

Using your blog to build an email list is one of the most important business blogging goals you have if you plan on interacting with your readers off of your site. The only way to “own” the relationship and take advantage of it at a future date is to be able to reach out to your fans.

Although social media appears effective in connecting with fans, you don’t own that relationship—the platform does. So, you need to connect with your fans outside of social media as well.

Blogging Business Goals to Improve Your Content Strategy - Build Your List

Segment Your List

  • Design a freebie related to every product or service you offer to get more targeted leads into your funnel.
  • Rather than sending bulk emails to your list, sent content specific to the topic that interested your lead in the first place.
  • Offer your email subscribers a choice to join other segmented lists to provide more value to them while increasing the purchase opportunity.

Choose a Robust Email Provider

  • Today’s email providers offer excellent functionality at a low cost.
  • Start your segmentation early in the list building process (I wish I had!).
  • Your funnel’s success relies on your email capabilities, so choose wisely.

Building a list is not just about collecting email addresses. I’ve learned this the hard way. Identify a purpose and plan early on if you intend on asking people for their addresses. Otherwise, it can be a total waste of time.

For example, what are you going to do with the email addresses that opt-in for your lead magnet? You have a brief period of time where that lead is “hot,” so be sure to have a plan (and a funnel). If you don’t, the lead will grow cold. This is a mistake I made that I’m in the process of fixing now.

Business Blogging Goal #8 – Gather Feedback

Your blog gives you a chance to learn more about your ideal avatar and their pain points. Each time you publish a post, you get feedback through social shares, comments, and website traffic. Blogging provides key insights into your audience so that you can create products and services that serve a need.

Blogging Business Goals to Improve Your Content Strategy - Gather Feedback

Analyze Your Results

  • Don’t publish posts and then never look back! Analyze your site and social metrics to see how your content is doing.
  • Continue promoting your evergreen content to give it a chance.
  • Your results will guide your future blogging efforts and strategy.

Engage Your Audience

  • Within your posts, actively ask questions and challenge your audience to respond through commenting or email.
  • Involve your fans in your content strategy with user-generated content.
  • Creating interactive content in your blog can increase interest and help you gather feedback from your fans in a fun way.
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Business Blogging Goals Help Your Content Marketing Efforts

Business blogging can be an asset to your company’s marketing endeavors. Choosing and meeting your goals can make the effort more worthwhile. Hopefully, the goals above will assist you in managing your own blog strategy and plan.

Once you have a plan with goals, you can focus in on your blog to produce content that contributes to the bigger picture in terms of your sales funnels.

Don’t forget that blogging is only ONE type of content marketing that helps in the initial steps of your customer’s journey. There are others from which to choose! However, blogging continues to prove beneficial for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

If you ever feel like your blog isn’t cutting it or contributing positively to your business, maybe it’s time to hire a blog writer. I’d be happy to help!

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