Do you ever feel like you need superpowers for creating better blog content?

Have you found yourself longing to break free from the chains of unsuccessful blog posts?

I assure you, you don’t need to be Wonder Woman or any superhero to achieve better results from your blog content!

It’s true that starting with blogging goals is essential. And, analyzing your content marketing metrics shows your successes while also identifying areas for improvement. But these two tasks may not always shed light on getting more clicks and higher readership on your blog.

What else do you need to know before writing another blog post? It’s time to publish blog content that is appealing to your ideal customer and helps your business flourish.

Quick Detour: Learn From My Mistakes

Before I talk about creating better blog content, I want to share one of my big mistakes with you. SEO blogging is not as simple as writing what’s in your heart and head. When you don’t do research first and planning, you can run into problems that aren’t easily fixed. (Problems that even Wonder Woman can’t solve).

Your blog contributes to an overall ‘roadmap’ that search engines create. Your site’s content supplies information to search engines, which in turn tells search engines about your business. If you point Google in the wrong direction, then it’s going to take longer for your prospects to find you.

For example, my blog has a few posts that are unrelated to my core business. These posts are about:

  • eBook cover makers
  • removing the background from photos
  • personal/mindset and motivation quotes

Although these topics may interest my core audience, they are too broad to weed out visitors who have no interest in what I do. I’m attracting website visitors who aren’t ideal for my offers. And, you can’t build a business with irrelevant traffic.

Even worse, though, is that I messed up Google’s ‘roadmap’ of my website. Since those off-topic posts are popular, they’ve become some of my top pages.

Creating better blog content - top pages on SBS

I’ve given Google the wrong road signs!  You can tell because SEO tools show my competitors are book cover apps and sites related to authors (since these key terms are related to books and publishing).

Creating better blog content - SBS competitors

Therein lies the problem. Smart Bird Social helps small business marketers with social media content, blogging, and other content services. Yet, these rogue posts make it harder for Google to categorize and understand my business. In turn, my website has a harder time ranking for my desired keywords.

So, be careful what you post. Loosely relevant topics are too broad and may not help your business. In fact, they may harm your business.

My goal is to help you understand what to think about when creating better blog content so that you don’t make my mistakes!

Creating Better Blog Content Like a Superhero

You may not be Wonder Woman, but when it comes to creating better blog content, you’re going to be a master at saving the day (and your business)!

Stick to these tips and you’ll improve your blog content, which in turn optimizes your content’s effectiveness in search while attracting targeted prospects.

Lesson #1: Focus on Your Core Business and Audience

The only content that helps your business and your audience is RELEVANT content. Stick to what people want to know and what is relevant to your business, and you should be okay.

Being known for doing a few things well (aka your superpower) makes you memorable. It also makes your content stronger, which will gain you more attention and assist in your ideal prospects finding you.

And this is where Wonder Woman’s mega-list of superpowers and tools comes into play. You may remember her lasso and bracelets. Here’s a more expanded but not exhaustive list:

  • superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, durability, reflexes, intelligence, and longevity
  • accelerated healing factor
  • invisible jet
  • heightened senses
  • superpowered earrings
  • mythical sandals of Hermes
  • skilled hand-to-hand combatant
  • lasso of truth, indestructible bracelets, boomerang tiara, magical sword, and shield
  • telepathy, astral projection, and the ability to communicate with animals.

And that’s not even all! The result? It’s harder to associate her with one or two awesome superpowers that are synonymous with her persona.

I’m reminded of Thor and his hammer.  Sure, Thor had other powers. But he’s known for the hammer. In fact, his hammer is practically a character itself!

Creating blog content - Customized content is more effective

When you have too many special things to talk about, you can end up writing about topics that don’t align with your offers, which hurts your SEO and makes it tough to attract your target audience. Stay focused!

Before you start creating blog content, ask yourself:

  • Does my target customer care about this topic?
  • Does the topic align with my business goals and offerings?
  • Am I able to create content on this topic that is specific and niche-focused?

The more specific your content, the easier it will be for you to create it, associate it with your offers, and attract targeted prospects.

According to MarketingLand, focusing your content on one or two areas:

  • Produces better content
  • Differentiates you
  • Highlights your experience and insights

Lesson #2: Give, Give…and Then Give Some More

One goal of your blog is to educate and inform your audience and, in the process, build trust and likability with readers. To accomplish this, you must give value frequently and abundantly.

The thing about superheroes is that generally speaking, they don’t veer from their main goal of helping others at their own expense. They give selflessly in pursuit of a greater good.

Just like you want to better the world and help others, Wonder Woman has a similar purpose. She’s an ambassador whose mission is to bring peace, compassion, and understanding to the world while protecting humanity from evil. In the process of pursuing and living out her mission, she gives of herself relentlessly, although failing at times.

Sound a bit like you and your blog? Creating blog content that provides free value to your audience is a noble cause! At times, you’ll feel as if you’re blogging to an empty room.

Blogging benefits small business

Your helpful blog content may not showcase you as a superhero in the beginning. Remain steadfast! Blogging efforts take months to start having a bigger impact. But blogging will help your business, the facts still support it.

  • Small businesses that blog get 126% more lead growth than small businesses that do not blog.
  • 57% of companies with a blog have acquired a customer from their blog.
  • B2B marketers who use blogs generate 67% more leads per month than those who do not.
  • B2C companies that blog generate 88% more leads per month than those that do not.
  • 69% of businesses attribute their lead generation success to blogging.

Remember that your readers don’t care about helping you make money. Your blog is a place to inform and entertain your prospects.

By giving away much of what you know, you’re building your reputation, authority, and influence. These are important factors for purchase decisions, so don’t disregard what your blog content accomplishes!

Lesson #3: Headlines are Everything

Which is one is catchier?

  • Suprema, The Wonder Woman
  • Wonder Woman

Suprema was almost Wonder Woman’s name! Which brings me to my next point: a good title makes all the difference.

Headlines matter. Without a successful title, your blog post will go unread and likely shared less. According to advertising expert David Ogilvy (from Confessions of an Advertising Man):

On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.

Imagine your hard work gone to waste because your title didn’t peak the interest of your prospects. This could have happened to Wonder Woman too. Thankfully,  her creator listened to his editor’s advice and ditched the name Suprema!

Getting the right headline is tricky business. Buzzsumo analyzed over 100 million article titles. They discovered that the structure of a headline also impacts its social shares. So, not only does your headline affect readership it also affects social shares.

Five times as many people read your headline.

Your blog’s success rests heavily upon a winning headline. Spend at least 50% or more of your blogging time coming up with a headline that’s a winner!

Some of the Headline Tools I Use

Coschedule Headline Analyzer
Advanced Marketing Institute Headline Analyzer
TweakYourBiz Title Generator

Lesson #4: The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

You’ll need so much more than words to make your blog content work for lead generation and SEO. It’s about the whole package!

Think about the ways in which Wonder Woman’s visual, physical, and emotional aspects appeal to fans. She’s got a compelling backstory, a recognizable outfit, and a collection of cool tools. Individually, these things are fascinating. But these items are far more captivating and memorable when put together to form a kick-ass superhero.

Creating better blog content means investing in the whole experience.  Text alone won’t make the cut! To capture the appeal of your audience, you’ll need:

  • engaging story or information
  • visuals (images, video, infographics)
  • whitespace
  • clean formatting
  • good grammar
  • winning headline

To optimize your blog content for search engines, you’ll need:

  • target keywords
  • metadata
  • alt text
  • more than 1,000 words
  • headings

Separately, these things aren’t nearly as meaningful to humans and algorithms as they are when combined. Together they provide an attractive, engrossing experience for your target prospects and an understandable picture of your business for bots to analyze for search.

Lesson #5: Don’t Be Afraid to Make Changes to Your Story

Telling a story within each blog post will make your information more relatable and easier to understand. Incorporate storytelling into your writing because the human brain is wired for stories.

However, sometimes the angle you take or the words you use just don’t resonate with your audience. You can’t a hit home run every swing. When this happens, rectify the problem by modifying the story—or even completely changing it.

Effective marketing appeals to human emotion.

In Wonder Woman’s original backstory, she was formed out of clay and brought to life by her mother. Even in the superhero world, that story is a tough one to accept. 😉

Years later, writers altered Wonder Woman’s story to make it a little more believable. They modified her background by saying the clay birth story was a lie to cover up the true identity of her father (the god Zeus). That alteration made the heroine’s origin sound far more plausible and much less laughable.

After you’ve published your story, don’t fear changing it if your audience doesn’t connect with the content. The advantage of digital publishing is that you can easily make edits after you go live.

Lesson #6: Be a Bold Pioneer

Wonder Woman is a pioneer in a male-dominated superhero world. She was the first female superhero and the first female founding member of the Justice League of America.

She came on the scene in the early 40s and was a leader in women’s rights from the beginning. In fact, her creator, William Moulton Marston, intended her to be a model liberated woman. It may be hard to see it now, but everything about Wonder Woman pushed boundaries in the 1940s. For instance, her superhero uniform is basically a bathing suit, which was a point of contention at that time.

There’s nothing timid about Wonder Woman. She’s bold. And you can be too.

Be unique in your content to stand out.

Integrating bold ideas, unique views, and distinctive thoughts into your blog content will make you stand out just as Wonder Woman does against the backdrop of a male-dominated comic book culture.

When you’re creating blog content, you have an opportunity to make an impression. Along the way, your content may turn off some readers. That’s okay! The people meant to be part of your tribe will stick with you and love you all the more for your confidence and leadership in your niche.

Middle of the road content lacks passion. You’ll find it more difficult to connect with your ideal prospects in a deeper way if you stay safe with your content. People are searching for content that inspires, invigorates, and amuses them. Your content is the magnet that will attract buyers!

Lesson #7: Embrace Your Invisible Jet

I’m not here to question whether Wonder Woman’s mode of transportation is brilliant or absurd.

The point is that we all have an invisible jet of sorts. You know, that special something that makes you different but may also be cause for people to criticize, poke fun at, or reject you.

Wonder Woman stays true to herself and ignores the people who don’t like her invisible jet. Like her, you must believe in yourself and let the real Y.O.U. shine through in the content you produce—no matter what others say or think.

You’re going to make mistakes. You’ll write things that people don’t like. You’ll choose topics that don’t help your business. Embrace the uncertainty and the process. This is all a part of growing and strengthening your mindset.

Acknowledging your fails is as vital as celebrating your wins. It lessens the pressure of worrying about creating something that people don’t like or don’t respond to. There will always be people who troll you or are mean. Accept your invisible jet now! If people don’t like your style, that’s their problem, not yours.

How Does Creating Better Blog Content Help Your Small Business?

When you make your blog content appeal to humans and algorithms, your blogging will positively impact your position in organic search while engaging your prospects. Many small business owners don’t do the small things that make a big difference when it comes to SEO blogging!

Creating better blog content results in:

  • higher search engine ranking
  • better lead generation
  • increased reach and visibility

The next time you sit down to write a blog post, remember these facts about Wonder Woman to help recall these tips. Find your superpower so that you can reach the people that need your help!

Special Thanks to These Resources for their Wonder Woman Facts

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