You do it. I do it. We all do it.

Time gets the best of us. Next thing you know, your social media feeds are empty or filled with other people’s content. You can feel your blog getting stale like a piece of bread left on the counter overnight.

You’ve got nothing new to share with your email list, and they are forgetting you.

Many entrepreneurs and very small business owners struggle to stay on top of creating their own custom content. They don’t have the time, money, or skill set.

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C online business, your unique content defines you, attracts your ideal avatar, and forms the trust bonds that will eventually turn your fans into customers.

In fact, your custom content not only makes your audience feel good about you but also increases their likelihood of buying from you.

Custom Content for Business - The Benefits

What happens when you don’t have any or enough of your own custom content for business?

  • People forget about you and why they should care about your brand.
  • You aren’t building relationships that lead to sales.
  • Website traffic declines.
  • You end up promoting other brands way too much.
  • The competition overshadows you.
  • You aren’t attracting your ideal customers.
  • Your authority decreases.

Your custom content fuels your online business. No fuel and the engine stalls, the car won’t run, and you won’t be going anywhere. Capiche?

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Custom Content for Business - It's the fuel

What is custom content?

Custom content is any original, branded form of content that you produce, publish, and distribute, including:

  • blog posts
  • social media posts
  • images
  • emails
  • videos

Why Custom Content for Business Matters

While it’s important to curate and share other people’s content, your custom content is what attracts and retains your audience.  Without it, you’ll have a tough time making a bigger splash in an ocean of competition.

Here’s why custom content for business makes people notice and buy from you.

1) Custom Content Makes You Stand Out

Your content is much like a fashion. Every day it changes depending on your mood, the styles, popularity, trends, and the image you want to convey. Like clothes, the content you publish is what people see from the outside. You either make an impression, or you don’t.

Custom content makes you stand out of the crowd.

Meghan in eighth grade

Here I am in eighth grade! #NoFilter

When I was in eighth grade, I wanted to stand out from my peers. I begged my parents for pink hair, unusual clothes, paint-splattered shoes, and odd jewelry. (My parents put the kibosh on the pink hair!) I knew early on that my outer appearance influenced people’s opinion about me. My wardrobe made a statement about my personality, likes, preferences, and values.

Back then isn’t much different than now. While clothes are no longer my method of expression, I still aspire to be different in my business and as a human being. Like my clothes, my custom content makes my brand identifiable and recognizable but different and interesting.

At any given moment in time, you can look at my content to see what’s going on in my business and my life. Aren’t we all making a statement with our content choices?

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Whatever makes you different than your competition should and will show in your content. For me, it’s my directness, candid writing style, and bold, bright, happy colors. Even my name elicits conversations online and offline.

When the qualities that differentiate your brand show up in your custom content, your audience notices you. By using your content to stand out, you give people a reason to choose you. Buying decisions will be made based on this content! Don’t take it lightly.

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2) Custom Content Shows Off Your Personality

How do you think buyers decide which product or service they are going to buy?

Most of us want to believe that facts drive purchase decisions. The truth is that emotion is the deciding factor in most people’s buying choices.

People do want information about your products and services. But they buy benefits and not features. And, they buy you.

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There are plenty of widgets available. What makes yours different? YOU DO. Your brand and business have personality. Maybe someone buys from you because you are committed to the environment. Maybe they buy from you since you remind them of themselves.

The point is, the world knows only what you tell them. They can’t like or trust you if they don’t know you. How will they know about your personality if you’re not creating custom content for business?

Custom content expresses your personality.

Your content expresses your personality, which connects you to your audience and creates fans.

Think of any brand you love. Why do you love them? I’m certain their content has something to do with it!

For example, check out Whole Foods’ Twitter account. They provide value with engaging content, such as recipes, food prep/facts/guidance, store sales, and so much more! You barely notice that they’re promoting anything.

Custom Content For Business - Whole Foods Tweet example

They use videos, photos, and interesting text to keep their feed fresh and compelling to appeal to their over four million fans. You can bet this content attract new fans.

What’s more endearing than awesome content? Well, when a brand also shares content from their fans, and Whole Foods does this well too.

Custom Content For Business - Whole Foods Tweet example

Big or small, all brands have a personality and reveal it in their content.

3) Custom Content Attracts Your Ideal Fans

Don’t take this personally, but not everyone is going to like you.

In the long run, you don’t want everyone or just anyone to like you. You want to attract people who relate to your brand because they turn into fans and loyal customers. And, word of mouth marketing from your customers is the best publicity you’ll get!

Don’t be disappointed that your custom content weeds out those who aren’t interested in what you offer. They weren’t going to be a customer anyway.

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Your original, branded content is a beacon for your ideal customer since it conveys what you sell and your values. The content you publish entices those who are interested in your products and services.

As Copyblogger explains, you choose who to attract through your content.

Your custom content attracts your ideal customer.

For instance, one peek at content from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the National Rifle Association, or Buzzfeed reveals what they are about and who they appeal to. These brands purposefully produce content that draws specific demographics to their online channels.

In fact, you may already be aware of these brands—and that’s likely a result of their strongly branded content that represents their mission, values, and goals.

Custom Content for Business - PETA

These brands are extreme examples. Obviously, political or controversial topics get more attention. However, there’s no denying the correlation between content and demographics. Your ideal audience will find you when you create the content they want to consume.

4) Custom Content Highlights Your Knowledge

Any time you publish or post custom content, you illustrate your knowledge of a certain topic. The more frequently you produce content that highlights your expertise, the more you increase your authority in your industry.

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Content marketing takes a while to deliver results. Proving that you’re trustworthy, knowledgeable, and interesting requires high quality, original content as well as consistency and frequency. You won’t be an authority figure overnight!

Take a look at Neil Patel, Brian Dean, and Aaron Lee to find excellent models of unique content. Both industry leaders blog about their own experiences, including data points and personal results from their own experiments.

Custom Content for Business - Brian Dean

This type of content benefits their audiences through exclusive information that may not be public knowledge since it’s unique to each individual. As a result, this boosts their authority and respect in their fields.

Sharing other people’s content makes you look supportive, generous, and helpful. But you’re building their reputation, so don’t forget to publish some of your own content and share it repeatedly. There’s nothing shameful in self-promoting when it comes to content. (And, don’t be afraid to ask others to share your content too!)

5) Custom Content Provides a Reason to Follow You

Competition is tough these days. Here’s why:

  • People’s expectations of brands are high.
  • Humans have shorter attention spans than goldfish.
  • The marketplace is crowded.
  • Fans don’t want to be sold to.

Getting and keeping your audience’s consideration requires an increasing amount of effort.

People love content that is uniquely informative, emotional, interactive, entertaining, educational, or humorous. Yet, many brands aren’t producing this type of content. Thus, when you create content that fills this void, you’re giving people a reason to follow you.

Reaching the point where your fans are awaiting your new content is quintessential and highly desirable. When they look forward to your next email or social media post, you’ll know!

Check out Pixelo’s Facebook page or Henneke Duistermaat’s blog. These brands are crushing it with their custom content. Their topics and graphics are in tune with their audience as illustrated by the favorable, positive feedback and engagement they receive from fans.

Custom Content for Business - Pixelo

How will you compete with other brands if you’re churning out the same stuff? You won’t.

6) Custom Content Develops Relationships

Do you ever feel as if you know a public figure, celebrity, or industry leader?

Take Tony Robbins for example. If you’re a fan of his, then you probably could meet him for the first time yet feel as if you had already been introduced. Why?  His content.

You see him in movies, videos, interviews as well as on the television and social media. However, it’s not just that he’s presenting himself to you via different platforms, although that probably influences how you feel about him. It’s what he’s sharing with you.

Custom Content for Business - Tony Robbins

His content is personal and raw. It goes straight to the heart, right to your emotional epicenter. He talks to you, not at you. You watch him guide other people. He’s highly relatable and approachable. In fact, if he’s ever given advice that you’ve taken, then you might feel like he’s helped you personally—although you’ve never met or spoken with him.


Your content helps you build bonds with others and foster relationships. Each time you create content, you share something of yourself. Even a simple tip or fact discloses information about who you are.

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Though it’s often a one-way conversation, your content communicates to others. And, you don’t have to be Tony Robbins to connect and form relationships with your audience.

Even loosely based relationships help your brand since they lead to trust and “likeability.” According to Entrepreneur, “the number one goal for content should be to develop trust with your readers. Do this, and you’ll have customers banging down your doors.”

7) Custom Content Gets Noticed in Search

If the previous six reasons haven’t convinced you, then this last one should seal the deal: Google loves custom content.

All of that awesome, branded content tells search engines what it is you know and what it is you do. While there are numerous factors that help you rank in search engines, content is a BIG one.

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Over time, your content’s impact compounds and grows in search, which means that your investment isn’t fleeting.

Your content’s popularity also contributes to how well you rank in search. Don’t bother creating content for the sake of having something out there in cyberspace. Lackluster writing efforts may not contribute much to your SEO ranking, especially if people aren’t looking for what you’re writing about or don’t care about what you’ve written.

Custom content increases the likelihood of purchasing.

Custom content helps your warm prospects convert into customers. (Source)

Writing for SEO, on the other hand, increases your business’s visibility in search. This strategy uses tactics—such as keywords, URLs, and proper tag formats—to optimize your content for search engines.

As Moz points out, blogging that helps your business get found in search requires forethought and effort. Here are the steps they suggest for optimizing your blog posts:

1. Determine the post’s goals
2. Determine the audience you need to reach
3. Do keyword research
4. Conduct competitive research
5. Create your post
6. Perform on-page SEO/keyword targeting
7. Craft an outreach and amplification plan
8. Experiment, learn and iterate

If you’re not blogging in this manner, you might need to hire a professional blog writer!

Are you thinking social media is a total waste of time? Think again. Google notices your efforts with social media too. In fact, your social media posts, following, and engagement feed your SEO juice and make a difference in your overall rank and authority.

The fact is that people are searching for you on Google and on social media, and it’s your content that gets you discovered.

A Few Final Words About Custom Content for Business

In today’s competitive landscape, your custom content defines your online business, brand, and identity to separate you from the crowd and attract your ideal customer. In the process, this same content builds your authority and gets you found in search and social.

That’s a lot of leverage and benefit from content! Are you creating custom content? If not, tell me why in the comments.

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