The Pinned Tweet Guide


Is your pinned Tweet helping your business?

Or are you wasting this valuable space?

This guide tells you…

The Pinned Tweet Guide

What a pinned Tweet is and how to pin a Tweet

The reasons you pin a Tweet

How to improve your pinned Tweet’s impact

What consistent community growth means for your pinned Tweet and your business

What to avoid in your pinned Tweet

Real-life examples of awesome pinned Tweets

30 ideas for what to pin

The pinned Tweet is the most clicked area of your profile.

Are you using it to help build your business?
This Guide can help!

What is the Pinned Tweet Guide?

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The Guide is a PDF document that you download and read.

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The Pinned Tweet Guide explains what works and why. Now you’ll be able to create a pinned Tweet that helps your business and your brand!

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Hi, I’m Meghan Monaghan, the co-founder and CEO of Smart Bird Social. I eliminate the burden that every small business owner and entrepreneur faces when it comes to producing enough of the right content to get found in search and on social media.

After over 20 years in both digital and traditional marketing as well as visual design work for non-profits, small businesses, and large corporations, I now share my experience and knowledge to help very small businesses owners and marketers stop struggling and start doing when it comes to generating profit in less time.

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