Is using quotes in your social media content strategy a worthwhile effort?

Are you curious if quotes as a type of social media content are effective for your small business?

You know what I’m talking about! I mean those image-worthy, informational, often inspirational, and sometimes humorous snippets that you see all of the time on social media.

There are entire websites, social media accounts, and apps dedicated to delivering quotes to their fans. What do they know that you don’t?

Using quotes in your social media content strategy

The Power of Positivity and Brainy Quote are just a few of many quote-driven sites.

Since social platforms are about being sociable, your fans desire content that is inspirational, informative, positive, hopeful, entertaining, or humorous.

Let’s face it: there’s a ton of negativity making its way around social media. Who wants to see complaints and angry political posts? Leave those to others. People desire content that makes them feel better. Focus on posts like quotes to contribute to a positive discussion.

After all, isn’t one of your social media marketing goals to connect with your audience? How can you expect someone to buy from you when they don’t know or trust you? Your content is meant to foster positive relationships that increase your trustworthiness and perceived value.

As one type of content that receives social media engagement, quotes are a standard go-to when brands are trying to produce non-promotional posts.

Don’t limit your perception of quotes to only those that motivate others. There are all kinds of quotes to use in your social media strategy!

In addition to inspirational-type quotes, there are also quotes that focus on:

  • industry trends
  • leaders
  • education/Information
  • statistics
  • humor
  • insights
  • blog snippets
  • customer testimonials
  • and more!

So, why do people enjoy consuming quotes?

Let’s discuss why quotes in your social media content strategy are powerful and persuasive.

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Prefer video?

1) Quotes are Brief and Easily Consumed.

There is an epic amount of content for your audience to consume. Who has the time or the attention span?

While longer content can help with SEO, it can also overwhelm. Your audience will appreciate (and possibly prefer) a brief version of your content.

Social media posts that link to articles suggest that there’s more reading involved! As a result, people may be less likely to click. Quotes, on the other hand, are like Cliff’s Notes. Sure, it’d be nice to know the whole story. Yet, often the highlights are enough.

Gary Vaynerchuk - Instagram quote - Using quotes in social media

On his Instagram account, Gary Vaynerchuk does a good job of giving the “short story” in his quote with a longer explanation in his comment plus a CTA to his YouTube channel if fans want the longest version.

Whereas blogs and videos are more like reading an entire book, quotes emphasize the most critical points in short form.

Blogs struggle for views these days since there is so much competition! It’s true that video content is performing better. But, even video has its limits.

In fact, the average attention span of a product video decreases significantly as each second passes. By the 30-second mark, nearly a third of your audience is lost! And, I don’t know about you, but it usually takes me longer than 30 seconds to talk about anything. 🙂

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Quotes require little commitment and certainly less than 30 seconds of time. Your audience must only decide whether to 1) pause and read or 2) move on.

With little commitment required, quote posts are easily consumable and therefore more likely consumed!

Used strategically and practically, quotes give your business more awareness and visibility while expressing your brand message.


➽ Present your content in short form by using quotes to get more of your content seen and consumed.


✅  Create quotes from your blog posts, case studies, brochures, presentations, lead magnets, etc.

✅  Don’t include a website URL with every quote. Not every post needs to drive traffic. Make your content more about providing value to your fans.

2) Quotes Arouse an Emotional Response

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, quotes are a fashionable type of social media content. That’s why there are entire social media accounts dedicated to posting inspirational, positive, humorous, and informative images. 😉

People gravitate to quotes for numerous reasons, one of which is that often the messages make them feel something. Remember how I talked about creating social media content that is emotional, entertaining, or educational? Sure enough, quotes fit into those categories!

Kim Garst Twitter quote - Using quotes in social media

Kim Garst is a pro at custom quotes. She knows exactly the right thing to say to get a reaction from her audience!

Have you ever read a quote that expresses a sentiment you’ve been feeling but unable to communicate?

What about seeing a marketing statistic quote that made you realize you’re doing something right…or something wrong?!

Frequently, quotes leave an impression on your audience too. That impression may be about your brand or about an action they need to take.

Either way, there’s an emotional feeling tied to quotes, which adds to their appeal.

Different types of quotes elicit different responses. However, inspirational quotes are one of the most impactful, emotional content types and worth discussing in more detail.

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Using Inspirational Quotes in Your Social Media Content Strategy

Research shows that, in a general sense, inspiration:

  • is a catalyst for creativity;
  • facilitates progress toward goals;
  • increases well-being;
  • propels a person from apathy to possibility;
  • allows people to transcend limitations to awaken new possibilities; and,
  • transforms the way we perceive our own capabilities.

According to Fast Company, inspirational quotes have a few qualities that make them popular and compelling. These types of quotes:

  • demonstrate a coaching factor that makes them attractive;
  • offer effective, pleasing language and metaphors that are memorable, convincing, and powerful; and,
  • appeal to our aspirational nature and our desire to change to follow in the footsteps of leaders.
Madalyn Sklar - Using quotes in social media

Madalyn Sklar integrates quotes in her social media content strategy. Follow Madalyn on Twitter.

No matter what science or psychology say about inspiration, I think it comes down to one simple fact: quotes trigger the emotion button.

When your content is both visually and emotionally appealing, you’ll see an increase in engagement. Over time, you’ll attract more followers while forming a connection with your audience.  These are good reasons to use quotes in your strategy.

Check out this quote from the Power of Positivity Facebook page. It had nearly 20k reactions and almost 12k shares!

Power of Positivity quote - Using quotes in social media content strategy

This post will eliminate any doubt you may have about whether quotes work for increasing social media engagement.

As long as you’re not trivializing the experiences and feelings of others, you could discover that most quotes are well-received by others. If that fits with your branding, mission, and message, then why not include quotes in your social media content?

I recommended going one step further: add your own viewpoint when posting inspirational words from someone else.

This extra effort displays insight into your personality, beliefs, and purpose. Using this tactic, you can build connections with your audience and express your brand—even though you’re sharing someone else’s ideas.

Using quotes in your social media content strategy

I try to add my personality to my motivational quote posts.

When you make people feel happy, positive, and good they associate you with positive emotion. With all of the negative sentiment on social media, positive quotes make you stand out as a source of good vibes.


➽ Incorporate inspiring, positive quotes into your social media strategy as long as the content is relevant to your brand and audience.


✅  Add your own take if you’re using quotes from other people.

✅  Quote yourself! 😉

✅  Choose less judgmental quotes that work with your mission, core values, and messaging to stay relevant and to help build your brand.

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3) Quotes Support Influencer Outreach

When it comes to business, it’s so much about WHO you know!

Influencer outreach is a key component in marketing plans nowadays. According to Kissmetrics, influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways to attract customers and clients.

Even if you don’t intend on using influencer marketing in your promotional strategy, it pays to make connections with those experts in your field. Interacting and aligning yourself with industry influencers benefits your business in many ways. You might receive:

1. Exposure to their audience
2. Traffic to your site
3. Increased social media visibility
4. Mention in their content
5. Inclusion in their conversations
6. Social proof

To make an impression and catch the attention of industry influencers, your efforts need to extend past retweets and content sharing. Support influencers and industry leaders if you truly want to connect with them.

Using quotes in your social media content strategy

Emily la Grange’s Twitter feed is filled with quotes from influencers!

Here’s one of my favorite ways to help my influential friends and stay on their radar:  QUOTE THEM AND INCLUDE A NICE GRAPHIC! Graphical images provide more visual impact and offer a ready-made image to use for sharing your quote. 😉

Here’s an example from yours truly. I included a quote from marketing influencer Sam Hurley in a blog post about the benefits of Twitter for small business. He found the content and used my blog/social media quote image to share my post!

Sam Hurley quote - Using quotes in social media

Sam Hurley can teach you a bunch about social media engagement, reciprocation, and strategy.

Find pertinent quotes from influencers and industry leaders, and add them to you your blog and on social media.  Don’t forget to tag the authors appropriately, but not in a spammy way.

I’m a big believer in RECIPROCATION. Reciprocation is a fancy word for mutual giving and receiving. Don’t expect others to support you in your endeavors if you don’t support them! Sam Hurley is a pro at interacting with others online. Follow him on his Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to see how it’s done!

Sam Hurley quote - Using quotes in social media

Check out Sam’s brilliant use of a quote to express his personality and brand!


➽ Reach and support key influencers and industry leaders by quoting them on social media with an accompanying image.


✅  Choose the top 20-50 influencers in your niche and create image quotes for them. Schedule them in social media.

✅  If you do recycle your social media content, don’t overdo it with tagging people. You don’t want to annoy them with 25 tags of the same post. To get around this, simply tag them one time manually.

✅  Instead of quoting influencers on social media only, start with your blog. Include an accompanying image with the quote on your blog so that others can easily share your quote. You can then repurpose your blog content on social media. This supports your influential friends in multiple ways.

4) Quotes Make Easy Visuals.

It’s pretty much standard operating procedure to use visuals in your social media content. People process visual information faster, and they respond to it more frequently on social media.

Text-only posts still receive some love, but posts with visuals do much better. Posts with visuals:

  • are more easily noticed in the news feed;
  • excite the senses; and,
  • increase engagement.

Plus, algorithms seem to favor visual content and give it a higher priority, especially video.

And that’s another reason to incorporate quotes into your social media content strategy: they make for enticing yet easy-to-create visuals!

Sandy Krakowski quote - Using quotes in social media strategy

Sandy’s simple graphic along with her personal take on the quote produced lots of engagement!

You don’t need a degree in visual design to copy and paste text on a background. Don’t get too wrapped up in making complex designs, this isn’t an infographic we’re talking about here!

You can use Canva or Pablo by Buffer for free. Pablo by Buffer even provides the quotes and backgrounds for you!

Pablo by Buffer - Using quotes in social media

Browser-based Pablo by Buffer is an easy tool for creating quote images.

Quote videos are even more popular on social media than static graphics. I know that making a video sounds time-consuming. However, today’s tools are fairly easy to use.

Animaker, Animatron Wave, and Animoto are three options that I’ve used without much hassle. Animaker makes vertical videos, how cool is that?! Most people access social platforms via a mobile device, so some people think vertical videos work well.

Below is an example of one of their quote vertical video templates.

People love quotes and visual content. You need a content strategy that attracts and keeps fan. Quotes are engaging content and make visual content easy, so it’s a win all around!


➽ Quotes are crowd-pleasing content that can be easily turned into graphics and videos to give your posts a fighting chance on social media.


✅  Use the online visual app from Buffer called Pablo to quickly and easily create quote images. The Stencil app is great for this too!

✅  Create a video with 3-5 quotes that fit into a common theme.

✅  Try using a template from Animatron Wave to design a single quote video very quickly (and with music).

5) Quotes Make Branding Simple.

While we’re on the topic of visual marketing, we might as well discuss branding.

There are plenty of apps to help you curate content. But, posting too much content with images that aren’t promoting your brand isn’t as helpful. You’re using social media to build relationships and connections for YOUR business. That means interacting on social platforms as yourself (aka your brand).

To communicate your brand’s personality, you need content that clearly indicates the post originates from you, not some other business.

Everything you post on social media represents who you are, what you believe, and your personality. REMEMBER THAT.

Using quotes in your social media content strategy

I created a fairly basic image (using Stencil) and included my branding as well as my two cents related to the quote.

Another reason quotes are awesome is that you can easily brand them. It doesn’t matter if the quote is about shoes, marketing, motivation, or cats! You can add your own flavor through:

  • What you say with the post
  • A visual (aka graphic or video)
  • Your logo and/or URL
  • Your brand colors

Using quotes in your overall content strategy expresses what your brand is about in small snippets. Over time, your audience gets to know you better. They get a chance to know, like, and trust you (aka the KLT factor). And the KLT factor is essential in purchase decisions!

Rebekah Radice quote - Using quotes in social media strategy

Rebekah Radice proves that simple, branded quotes work!

As A.D. Hutchinson said, “The best way to use quote posts is to ensure each one is aligned to your actual brand purpose and mission.”

Why not use quotes to increase your brand awareness? The suggestion may seem basic, but it really does work. I’ve seen it time and time again (and experienced it myself!).


➽ Quotes are easily branded through visual and textual content, which raises brand awareness and builds connections with your audience.


✅  Whenever you create a visual to accompany your social media post, always include your logo or business URL.

✅  If you need to build your social media following, then consider adding your platform username (i.e. @MeghanMonaghan1) to your quote image. I prefer that my website is my “home base” since I own it.  However, I’ve seen people effectively grow their social media communities through branding their images with their username.

✅  Including your personal take or any tidbit really improves the value of your quote posts. Don’t skip this step!

6) Quotes are Informational and Educational.

Your audience is also on social media to learn. People do searches on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram to discover information about certain topics of interest.

Quotes are one terrific way to convey information and educate others while also increasing your brand’s visibility and awareness.

You may be curious how you can squeeze enough information into a quote to make it worthwhile. There are a couple of ways to go about sharing information via social media.

On platforms like Facebook and Instagram, try designing one engaging and thought-provoking quote as a visual. Then explain more about that quote within the post itself.

Using quotes in your social media content strategy

I prefer to keep my Facebook posts brief. Here I use an image to draw in fans and then explain more in the post’s text area.

Twitter, on the other hand, requires your input be brief. To extend the space you have, you can use up to four quote images to convey your point. It makes for a nice little slideshow!

No matter where you’re using quotes, don’t forget to include hashtags. Hashtags will get your content in front of more people who are interested in your topic. Even people who don’t follow you will find your content when you use hashtags.

An added bonus with informational quote posts is that you’re not just helping others, you’re also helping your business.

You see, social media content helps your SEO juice. In particular, Twitter benefits your business from a search engine aspect since your tweets and bio appear in Google.

By posting informative content related to your niche, the hashtags and keywords you use actually boost your business through:

  • social proof;
  • increased followers;
  • SEO; and,
  • more visibility in your niche.

Back to your audience…developing a strategy related to informative quotes is well worth it. Over time, the accumulation of your content forms an opinion in your readers’ eyes of a brand that is helpful and knowledgeable. Soon your readers will become fans and trust you for the value you provide.

Additionally, you’ll attract a more targeted fan base through this type of content, which helps to build your community.

Using quotes in social media content strategy

CrazyCoolBranding Instagram’s account provides quick business tips as quotes.


➽ Educational or informative quote posts enlighten your audience while appealing to their desire to learn and your goal to grow your following and your brand.


✅  Research hashtags before using them by using a tool like, RiteTag, or Keyhole (more in-depth, takes longer to load). Choosing the right hashtag makes all the difference!

✅  If you really want to get fancy, you could try using some of these platforms’ features to draw more attention to your content.

  • Twitter Moments
  • Instagram Stories
  • Add to your “Day” on Facebook or Messenger

➡  Here’s a post from Social Quant on how to create a Twitter Moment

How Do Quotes in Your Social Media Content Strategy Help Your Business?

Quote posts are effective and persuasive because people are drawn to brief but meaningful, relevant, and engaging content. Plus, there’s so much you can do with them!

Don’t forget that social media is more than posting links to articles. People desire connections and relationships.

When you include quotes as part of an overall social media marketing strategy, you’re repeatedly communicating different aspects and layers of your brand. This will attract targeted customers to grow your community while increasing the know, like, and trust factor with your audience.

Mike Kawula quote - Using quotes in social media strategy

Mike Kawula’s quotes on social media are always a hit! Follow Mike on Twitter.

Back to the idea that you are what you post, quotes express much about you. For many, this translates into your brand. They see:

  • what you believe;
  • who you follow;
  • what holidays you celebrate;
  • your attitude;
  • your personality ;
  • the company you keep;
  • what you read; and,
  • the things that drive and motivate you.

One of the easiest ways for people to get to know you online—where there is no in-person, face-to-face interaction—is via the content you post.

Over To You

Ok, now it’s your turn to talk to me! Please leave a comment below so that I know I’m not talking to myself. 😉  I LOVE hearing from you!

Do you agree that quotes are effective as a content strategy? Do you use quotes on social media?

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