Not using a pinned tweet on Twitter? Well, you’re overlooking one of the best marketing opportunities that Twitter offers!


You know that optimizing your Twitter profile is critical to introduce yourself to followers and make a good first impression. But let’s focus on just one of the aspects of your Twitter profile: the pinned Tweet. It helps you:

  • Attract followers;
  • Test marketing efforts;
  • Generate traffic;
  • Promote your content for free; and,
  • Increase your social proof.

Let’s take a closer look!

The Pinned Tweet Guide - How to Get More Traffic and Followers

Reasons Why You Want to Use a Pinned Tweet

A pinned tweet is the first tweet that a user sees when they visit your profile. That makes it more valuable than the other tweets in your feed.

Check it out! Use a pinned tweet to:

1) Attract Followers

For Twitter to work as a marketing tool, you need a targeted following. By using a pinned tweet that’s focused on your avatar and brand, you’ll entice connections that help your business. You’ll also form bonds that are relevant to your industry, profession, and interests.

Consider a strategy for what to pin. Since your pinned tweet is the first one seen on your profile page, it needs to communicate what is most pertinent to your brand.

When your message appeals to followers, you’ll build an audience of potential customers. Additionally, you’ll open the door to other opportunities, such as partnerships, guest blogs, meetups, new friendships, etc.

The more specific and endearing your brand is to your audience, the more your following will grow and the higher the likelihood it will become a community of customers and colleagues.

2) Test Marketing Efforts

A pinned tweet can also help determine whether your messaging effectively attracts your avatar. Think of a pinned tweet as a way to perform free market research.

You can test blog titles, opt-ins, offers, images, call-to-actions, and more! Twitter can be your test run on specific promotions and what language you use.

You can usually tell if your pinned tweet is resonating with your followers. If it isn’t, you’ll know because the tweet will receive very little engagement. This either means your message isn’t on target or your followers are not your ideal audience. Thankfully, you can fix both.

Be sure to dive deeper into Twitter Analytics. Don’t judge the performance of your marketing only on retweets and likes. Select the graph icon on a Tweet to find out more about link clicks, profile visits, and mentions.

For example, link clicks are more important than retweets because they mean you inspired the person to take action.

Collecting data about what your audience prefers is an often overlooked advantage of using a pinned tweet.

3) Generate Traffic

You won’t believe what Social Quant discovered after analyzing over a billion tweets and 11 million Twitter connections. The data revealed that a pinned tweet is the most clicked area of your Twitter profile!

In other words, in the process of someone following you, they check out your pinned tweet and usually click the link in it.

Sending people to a link via your pinned tweet is an efficient strategy to generate traffic to a specific web page. That’s free traffic, my friend!

More visits mean more exposure and an increase in conversions. And, who doesn’t want or like that?

4) Promote Content for Free

The content in your pinned Tweet promotes whatever you choose—and for free. You could pin a tweet with your latest blog post, an eBook, a coupon, a free offer, and the list goes on.

Again, a plan or a strategy is important. Determine your goal and create a tweet based on what content best accomplishes that goal.

For example:

If you are building a community of fans and an audience of potential customers is critical, then you might want a pinned tweet that moves people to your email list or sends people to your sales funnel.

If establishing authority or influence in your industry is the goal, then you might want to promote a free downloadable eBook or a blog post as a pinned tweet.

(Meanwhile, you’re still paying for content promotion over at Facebook…)

5) Increase Social Proof

According to Fast Company, social proof is “the concept that people will conform to the actions of others under the assumption that those actions are reflective of the correct behavior.”

When your pinned tweet gets liked and retweeted, people see this engagement as social proof. The effect is two-fold:

1) People believe they should also retweet and like your pinned tweet because other people did. The higher the engagement, the more likely other people will also engage with the content.

2) People see the likes and retweets on your pinned tweet and assume you must be a trustworthy person who knows something about the topic in your tweet. (Another reason for making sure your pinned tweet is the right content!)

So, the engagement a pinned tweet receives not only encourages more engagement but also helps your own social proof. In turn, your pinned tweet gets more mileage and you look like an all-star! It’s the snowball effect.

How to Pin a Tweet

Why not go ahead and pin one of your tweets RIGHT NOW?

All you do is click the down arrow in the upper right corner of an existing tweet. Select “Pin to your Profile page” from the drop-down. (If only everything in life was that simple…)

How to pin a tweet

Go on, I’ll wait here. 😉 You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain!

My Results with Pinned Tweets

Pinned tweets have helped send thousands of Twitter users to my website. Promoting various free eBooks via my pinned tweet has grown my email list too! I LOVE this Twitter feature and try to use it as much as possible. There’s not much “free” left in social media marketing, but this is one option that packs a wallop without requiring hefty resources.

If you need some inspiration for what time of content to pin, then check out my blog post on how to get more clicks and shares on your pinned tweet.

Considering the benefits that a pinned tweet offers, it is an opportunity too good to waste. Hopefully, these five reasons convince you to try it out. If you do, let me know your results in the comments below. Happy pinning!

For this information plus real-life examples of awesome pinned tweets, please download my FREE eBook, The Pinned Tweet Guide.

The Pinned Tweet Guide - How to Get More Traffic and Followers

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