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quote marks in speech bubble64% of users are more likely
to buy a product online
after watching a video.


quote marks in speech bubbleWhen you use video, you have a 53 times higher likelihood of ranking on the first page of Google.


quote marks in speech bubbleIncluding video in a landing page can increase conversion by 80%.


quote marks in speech bubble52% of marketers
name video as the
content type with the best ROI.


quote marks in speech bubbleMarketers who use
video grow revenue
49% faster than
non-video users.


How Does Video Marketing Help Your Business?

Builds Trust

People buy from those they trust! Video fosters confidence and trust, key factors to online purchasing.

Excels on Mobile

It’s all about mobile first in 2017! Smartphone users are more likely to connect with brands that show video content, including ads.

Boosts Sales

Statistics prove that adding video into your strategy increases conversions by 74% or more.

Improves SEO

You’re 53x more likely to show up first on Google if you have a video embedded on your website. (You do know that Google owns YouTube, right? 😉 )

Extends Reach

Video encourages social shares, which extends your reach and increases visibility.

Engages Fans

Being easy and fast to consume, video engages even the laziest of buyers. It’s no secret that people prefer visual content to understand concepts and learn!

Source: Dreamgrow

What does “blog to video” mean?

Using an existing blog post on your website, I create a short marketing video that you can use on your site, landing/sales pages, YouTube, and social media.

What’s Included:

  • Background music
  • About one minute of video (could be a little less or more)
  • Three MP4 files (1080p HD, 720p HD, and 480p)
  • Your branding (colors, logo, URL, photos)


This is a social media marketing video based on the blog post “6 Signs You Desparately Need to Hire a Blog Writer.” It’s square-shaped for social media and not meant for YouTube, which is why there are black panels on either side. But the video looks amazing on Facebook AND Twitter!

This marketing video is based on the blog post “3 Smokin’ Ways to Use Social Media to Increase Sales.”

This is a marketing video based on the blog post “Repurpose Your Blog: 13 Clever Ways to Get More Mileage From Your Content

How Does Your Blog to Marketing Video Service Work?


Step 1

After your purchase, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to a questionnaire. Simply fill out the questionnaire. Once I receive it, I’ll start working on your video. I may contact you if I have any questions.


Step 2

Within a week (could be longer depending on how many videos you order), I’ll email you a link to preview the video. You can approve the video as-is or send me revisions.

Step 3

After you’re satisfied with the video (up to two revisions included), I’ll email you a link to the video files to download. The files are large, so I cannot send them via email.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your refund policy?

100% Satisfaction guaranteed. If you don’t like the video, I will give you a refund.*

*IMPORTANT Stipulations:
– You will not receive the finished video file(s) if I give you a refund.
– Your request for a refund must happen BEFORE you receive your final video files. Once the email with the download link has been emailed to you, there are no refunds.

Do you provide revisions?

Yes, I provide up to two revisions.

Please note that revisions may extend the delivery date.

Do I come up with the topics or do you?

You provide a link to the blog post that you want me to use as the basis for your video. I use the text and images from your video to create the video. My policy is to have open lines of communication, so you will have access to me via email or PM in case we need to discuss anything.

What is your turnaround time?

My standard delivery time is a week (seven days) from when I receive the questionnaire/form from you.

If you require multiple revisions, that could affect the delivery date of the final video files.

What video format do you use?

You’ll receive a link to three MP4 files. You can use these for social media and for YouTube:

  • HD 1080p – MP4
  • HD 720p – MP4 (optimal Facebook size)
  • 480p – MP4

You will have 7 days to download your video files. After that time, your download link will no longer work.

How long do I have to download my video files?

You will have 7 days to download your video files. After that time, your download link will no longer work.

Due to the size of the files, we can’t keep your files on our server for more than a week.

Are images included?

You can send me photos to use in the video, and I can use the images in your blog post.

If you don’t provide images, it’s not a problem. But, I’ll need you to tell me the source you prefer to get free stock photos (such as Pixabay and Unsplash). We will use photos that are covered by the Creative Commons CC0 license agreement.  This license means that you can copy, modify, distribute and use the photos for free, including for commercial purposes, without asking permission from or providing attribution to the photographer or the photo provider.

NOTE: We are not liable for the photos or the provider you choose.

Who comes up with video name?

I will use the blog post’s title unless you specify otherwise. The title will be used on the first slide in the video.

Who writes the video?

I will create the video based on your blog post. Because the format calls for brevity and less information, I will edit as necessary.

I’m a native American English speaker with a Master’s degree in Professional Writing and Editing from George Mason University. So, you can feel confident in my writing and editing skills.

Can I see your portfolio?

Video examples are provided on this page.

Do you post the videos on my behalf?

I don’t post the video to your blog, social media platforms, or to YouTube.

How do you deliver the content to me?

You’ll receive an email with a download link to your video files. It’s up to you to download your videos within seven days.

Who owns the rights to the video?

You own your video after it’s final delivery. However, I reserve the right to take credit for the video’s creation and include it in my portfolio, on my website, and in other marketing or promotional materials.

If you prefer that I don’t reserve creation rights to your video, there will be an additional $50 fee for each video.


If you need a custom quote, please contact me through my online form.

For more specifics, view the Terms of Service.


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