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Are you taking advantage of visual content to increase your conversions?

You may suffer from Social Media Syndrome…
Do these symptoms sound familiar?

Your social media feeds are empty due to a lack of relevant, branded content.

You share more of other people’s content than your own.

You’re consumed with creating social media graphics when you need to be doing something else.

You waste hours researching content ideas to figure out what to post.

You don’t have the time or interest to learn graphic apps to create fancy, schmancy content.

The pressure of social media content is always there, hanging over your head.

Your social feeds look like a list of blog post titles and URLs (btw, this doesn’t work to boost your business).

The Content Cure - Is social media giving you a headache?

If this is you, then you have Social Media Syndrome!
The Content Cure will eliminate your woes!

What is The Content Cure?
It’s just what the doctor ordered to get rid of Social Media Syndrome!

An Exclusive Monthly Membership Program

The Content Cure is a members-only website where you download visual assets to use on your social media accounts. Membership is limited to restrict access to the images. PLUS, assets get removed and refreshed on a regular basis. 

A Repository of Engaging, Brand-able Social Media Content

The Content Cure is like a library of re-usable, brand-able, and ready-to-post content designed specifically for social media. Except with this library, you don’t need to return anything! 

Done-For-You, Ready-to-Go Content You Can Use TODAY

This isn’t an online course. You don’t need information, you need implementation! Getting access to my visual assets via a group membership means you receive the same high-quality graphics as my clients—but at a fraction of the cost.

Say goodbye to expensive apps, searching for photos, coming up with ideas. The cure is here!
Only $49/month.

No long-term contract. Cancel whenever.

How Does The Content Cure Work?


Every month I create different assets. I work with my members to create the content they prefer when possible. Here are some of the types of content I create at any given time:

  • Quotes
  • Inspiration/Motivation
  • Holiday/Seasonal
  • Non-traditional Holidays
  • Christian / Biblical
  • Humorous
  • Masculine and Feminine
  • Dark/Light
  • This or That
  • Tips
  • Color filters (red, blue, green, pink, etc.)

Depending on the needs of the members, I’m considering images related to the following industries/topics/niches:

  • Health & Wellness
  • Marketing
  • Small business
  • Strong females

Members are encouraged to make content requests and suggestions!


Once you become a TCC member, you receive an email with login information to access the files via my Teachable school online. Within the membership site, the images are organized by:

  • current month and year
  • theme/topic (which Teachable considers “lessons”)
  • image dimension measured in pixels
  • spreadsheet with text (sometimes I include suggestions for text to post with your image) – CSV and XLSX formats

See below for screenshots from within the membership site. The image dimensions are also in each filename.

The Content Cure - How it works - Folders

Images are bundled into the current month’s assets and the previous months’ assets and organized by topic.

The Content Cure - How it works - filenames and formats

Within each “lesson” are the ZIP files to download. There is a ZIP file for each dimension size. The text to accompany the images is provided in a spreadsheet.

The files are done-for-you, ready-to-post visuals. You only need to add your branding (if applicable). You can use the content once, twice, or as many times as you like. Once you download them they are yours to use on social media.

NOTE: One membership covers the use of the content for ONE business/person. If you’re a social media manager who wants to use this service for multiple clients, please contact me.


To download the images, you click on the ZIP file. Once the ZIP file is on your computer, you UNZIP it.

Then you open each file in your graphics program of choice, add your logo or website if you want, and use the images as you wish on your own social media platforms.

If you want help with what text to post with your image, then download the accompanying spreadsheet.


At least 50 new assets are added to the membership site around the 25th of each month. You are notified via email when the assets are available to download.

I often provide two dimensions of images: 1080 x 1080 px for Facebook/Instagram and 700 x 400 px for Twitter.  All other asset types are one size only.  Asset sets are archived/removed regularly to keep your social accounts looking fresh and updated.

Only $49/month.

No long-term contract. Cancel whenever.



Most of the content is created with Creative Commons licensing or my own personal photos. You don’t own the content and may NOT resell it! I pay for commercial use of the tools to create the visuals and in many cases have agency access to be able to support multiple clients. For more details, read the Terms.


The membership site is hosted by All billing, account, and access issues MUST be handled by Teachable. If you have questions, suggestions, or trouble related to the actual files or content within the membership site, then email me.


Being a part of a group membership saves you money. Other people have access to use and brand the visual assets. However, membership is limited to control how many people have access to the files. PLUS, not everyone will use all of the assets (or at the same time).


Simply posting on social media doesn’t mean you’ll get an immediate sale or a client. That’s not how social media works!

However, visuals improve conversions. The right content, over time, builds relationships, which is CRITICAL in purchase decisions these days.

Visuals Create Emotion; Emotion Drives Sales

Images convey emotional messages and help to express your brand better than text alone. More importantly, studies prove that emotions have a critical role in consumers’ purchasing decisions. The point is, the visual assets you publish on social media not only help your brand but also contribute to sales!

Visuals Improve Conversions

Visuals are an effective tool when it comes to getting your prospects to say “yes” to you. How? Visual content:

  • elicits emotional responses from your audience;
  • helps form beliefs about your brand and offerings; and,
  • triggers psychological principles that influence purchases.

Visual decision-making is happening right now!

Visuals Extend Your Reach

According to Hubspot, visual content is more than 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content.

Visuals Convey Messages Best

The brain is better at processing and recalling visual information. When you’re trying to educate, inform, inspire, and attract fans, visual content works best. Visuals express your brand messaging better than words and help increase the “know, like, and trust factor” (which improves sales!).

Visuals Boost Engagement

Text posts don’t stand out in the news feed and fail to attract attention. Visuals help! In fact, posts with images receive 80% more engagement. The more people interact with your content, the more likely algorithms are to display it. And, organic engagement on Facebook is highest on videos and images (source).

Only $49/month.

No long-term contract. Cancel whenever.



The bulk of the assets in The Content Cure are static images, created in sizes specific to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. A majority of the images are motivational and inspirational quotes that are appropriate for most businesses, nonprofits, and personal brands to use. As time moves on, I’ll add more industry- and niche-specific quotes, facts, and statistics. (Click the gallery images to browse through a few examples.)


As I build out The Content Cure, I’ll be adding videos that can be used on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. A majority of the videos will be generic and centered around motivation, inspiration, quotes, and general life topics. As time moves on, I’ll add more industry- and niche-specific content. NOTE: in the Facebook feed, these videos will likely auto-play without sound. The movement will catch attention and there’s no need for audio since the words are on the screen!


You’ve seen them before…photographs with part of the image moving and the other part static. These are called cinemagraphs, and they are very cool! Starting in the next few months, I plan to offer cinemagraph-type images as part of the membership. No extra fee! Stock cinemagraphs cost over $100 to license for business use, so you’ll be getting a great deal!


Sure, you love sharing content with your fans, but how many more types of graphics are you gonna need? It’s seriously unending! Instagram Stories are another way to connect with users in a more personal way. I’ll be creating content to fit this platform and functionality as well.


I’ll be adding more visual types as time passes and as technology develops.


Running a business isn’t for the faint of heart. It costs money, it takes chops and moxie, and you get beat down plenty of times before the sweet sound of success comes a-knockin’ at your door.

That’s why I can say with utmost certainty that YES, this membership is worth the price. You barely have to lift a finger to benefit from this program. You can save your chops and your moxie for bigger things. If only everything in business was this easy!

Let’s look at sheer costs. If you were to add up the tool fees alone, then you’d be paying SEVERAL HUNDRED dollars a month—before even a lick of content is created.

Now, consider your time spent researching content, finding the “perfect” quote and photo, figuring out the right fonts, and all that goes along with content creation, and I KNOW that paying less than $100 a month for brand-able visual assets is WELL WORTH the investment!

Heck, $100 a month would be a steal! But this program is well under $100 a month.

What do you have to lose? You can always cancel your membership if you’re not happy with it. 😉

Is The Content Cure Right For You?

Becoming a member makes sense if…

You’re about taking action and building your business via social media. You’re not worried about the fact that a few hundred other people have access to the same assets. A couple things to note here:

  • There will be at least 100 assets to choose from each month.
  • Membership will be capped at less than 500 people (probably 300 people).
  • Not everyone will select the same graphics nor will they post them at the same time.
  • Algorithms make it unlikely that every post you share is seen by every follower.

If you use services like Promo Republic and Post Planner, you’re already 1) posting the same content as other people, and 2) sharing other people’s branded content. So, this is a no-brainer.

Taking time out of your schedule to research, create, and design enough content to keep your social feeds full of consumable and delicious visuals isn’t an option.

Just thinking about learning the technical skills or paying for the cool graphics apps makes your head hurt.

You don’t have a huge budget or a large staff to manage visual design for your brand.

You are capable of designing visuals but are busy doing the most important tasks in your business.

Don’t even think about enrolling if…

You want to create every image you post on social media.

You’re a seasoned visual design professional who uses Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, and every popular graphics app available with your eyes closed.

The only option for you is customized visuals created for your brand only that no one else can access. Your primary concern isn’t social media posting, it’s delivering highly branded, super niche content, and you have the budget and team to support this.

You need more than 50 new visuals a month. The guarantee is that I add 50 new visuals each month. While I hope to deliver more than that at certain times of the year, I cannot promise more than 50 new visuals monthly.

Pinterest is your platform of choice. While I offer some images for Pinterest, the majority of the visual assets are not created with Pinterest in mind.

You are using social media with an expectation that you’ll receive quick sales. Social media marketing takes time and effort. There are no guarantees that your social media posts will get seen let alone generate sales. The Content Cure is meant to be part of a bigger marketing plan and not a “cure all” for making easy money…there’s no such thing!

About Meghan, Your Visual Assets Doctor

Meghan Monaghan Smart Bird Social

Whoever said “No pain, no gain!” never met me. My desire to alleviate your pain, strain, and drain is what keeps me motivated!

Hi, I’m Meghan Monaghan, the co-founder and CEO of Smart Bird Social. I eliminate the burden that every small business owner and entrepreneur faces when it comes to producing enough of the right content to get found in search and on social media.

After over 20 years in both digital and traditional marketing as well as visual design work for non-profits, small businesses, and large corporations, I now share my experience and knowledge to help very small businesses owners and marketers stop struggling and start doing when it comes to generating profit in less time.

Frequently Asked Questions


What does this offer me that I don't have today?

You’ll have brandable, ready-to-post visual content for social media! The Content Cure membership program provides you with social media visual assets that evoke emotion, educate/inform, and entertain. This content has been researched for popularity and share-worthiness (yes, that’s a word I made up). The only thing you need to do is download the assets. If you choose to, you may add your logo and/or URL to the assets. Then you schedule your social media posts using these assets.


What if I don't have a blog or business yet?

Having a blog or a business are not prerequisites for membership. You can use these images on your personal social profiles if you want!


How is the visual content delivered?

The membership site is 100% online. Once you become a TCC member, you receive an email with login information to access the files via my Teachable school online. Within the membership site, the images are organized by:

  • month
  • topic/theme
  • spreadsheet (when applicable to accompany social media posting)

The file dimensions are in the filename.

Monthly I upload 50 new visual assets into the membership site and notify you by email. You’ll need an Internet connection to access the membership site. You need software such as Canva or GIMP (free) to add your logo or URL to the image assets. Branding the videos will require a video app. The membership site is mobile responsive, so you are able to access it via a smartphone or tablet as long as those devices have Internet access.


May I share my access to the course?

Please do not share your login information with others. Your membership fee covers your use only.


How do I cancel my subscription?

Please contact Teachable directly to cancel your monthly subscription to the program. I don’t have access to your billing information. Teachable has to help you!


How many members are there?

This is a brand new offer. I plan to cap the membership at 300 members but may increase or decrease that number. It depends on how members are using the content and on their feedback.


How long will I have access to the membership site?

The Content Cure is monthly membership program, which means you have access to the site and its assets as long as you are active, paying member. Once you cancel your membership, you no longer have access to the site (but can continue using the assets you downloaded in the past).


What happens after I sign up for The Content Cure?

Once you become a member, you’ll receive an email with payment confirmation and Teachable will prompt you to create a username and password on their platform (if you don’t already have an account). If you have a Teachable account, then The Content Cure will be added to your existing dashboard. You’ll also receive an email from me with further instructions regarding the program and member support details.


What if I have questions or need support?

If you have any questions or need help, please contact us via our online form. Our Support team can also be reached via email (details provided after you become a member). If you have an issue with your billing or with accessing the membership site, you’ll need to contact Teachable directly.


What sizes are the visual assets?

The sizes vary based on media type and social platform. I optimize the assets based on the platform. If you need more details, please contact me.


Do I own the assets once I add my branding?

Most of the content is created with Creative Commons licensing or my own personal photos. You don’t own the content! However, you may add your URL and/or logo (aka your branding) to the assets. You cannot copyright, trademark, or sell the assets. I pay for commercial use of the tools to create the visuals and in many cases have agency access to be able to support multiple clients.


Do you offer refunds?

No. However, you may cancel your membership at any time. You won’t receive a refund, but your subscription won’t renew the following month. (There is no refund because there is nothing to prevent someone from subscribing, downloading all of the assets, then canceling.)

Only $49/month.

No long-term contract. Cancel whenever.

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