It’s Time to Tweet Like You Mean Business —
‘Cuz You Do! 😉

It takes a purpose and a plan to create tweets that charm, impress, and entice your audience to say “yes” to you! But it doesn’t have to be hard…

If you’re not posting content that your ideal customer cares about AND that helps your business, then you may be wasting your time and missing out on opportunities to help your audience and your bottom line. The problem is that most approaches to content require long hours and questions that are hard to answer.

In this one hour workshop, I show you how to “fill in the blanks” when it comes to Twitter content planning. This is a proven system that I use for my own Twitter marketing (and the same content method I used for managing Russell Brunson and Liz Benny’s Twitter accounts).

At the end of the workshop, you’ll have:

  • A customized content plan to know the why, what, and how of tweeting with purpose
  • A customized roadmap for exactly what and how much content to create
  • An understanding of how to schedule and format your tweets

With only ONE HOUR of your time and a 30-day money back guarantee, you don’t have much to lose. In fact, you have more to lose by not learning this simple systemized approach to content creation!


I want you to be 100% satisfied with the course.
If you’re not, no problem!
You’re covered by a 30-day, money-back guarantee.
You’ve got ZERO to lose, so give it a try!

What is Tweets That Influence?

Social Traffic Surge is an online training course for content marketers.Tweets That Influence is targeted online Twitter training delivered in just one hour.

This is an online course hosted on the platform, which means you can access it whenever you please, whether that be during the day while at your office job or at night when you’re in your jammies and settling down with a nice pinot grigio.

Tweets That Influence is designed as more of a workshop rather than a full-blown course. It is part of my series called 60 Minutes to Done. The goal is to give you just enough information to get the task done without overwhelming you with too many details.

Believe me, I get it. You’re super busy, and an 18-hour course with 24 modules isn’t what you want. Which is exactly why the 60 Minutes to Done workshops are perfect for you. There’s a specific goal at hand, and you’re in and out, bada bing, bada boom.

Tweets That Influence is divided into six videos. Four main topics with a brief introduction at the onset and a brief review at the end.

This is more top-level training. It’s definitely enough material to walk away with a:

  • simple content plan;
  • basic content roadmap for creating targeted, relevant tweets that will make a grown man cry (in a good way);
  • content schedule; and
  • knowledge of formatting your tweets to get noticed.

I cover strategy in addition to the actual tactics so that you know the why behind the what. Knowing the why makes the what easier and better!

NOTE: Social media marketing isn’t a hack and doesn’t equate with quick sales. Results will take time. SEO, social proof, trust, consistency…these things require time and work!

How Does the Course Work?

I’ve taken over 70 online courses! (Can you say, addict?) That’s why the course is hosted on You can access it wherever and whenever you have an Internet connection. That means your desktop, laptop, smartphone, and tablet. Teachable handles all of your billing and account details.

Once you purchase the course through Teachable, you’ll access it by logging into Teachable at the website. Your username and password get created during the purchase process (unless you already have a Teachable account). If you have any trouble accessing the course or have billing questions, you’ll contact Teachable directly.

Want to see one of the videos from the Workshop? Click here to go to the Teachable platform and scroll down to “Course Curriculum” and click “Preview” under Getting Started. I made the first video free so you could get an idea of my style. 😉

Tweets That Influence - Screen capture from the Intro video

Here’s what the videos in the Workshop look like.

The course material is divided into six sections, and there are four main topics.

Using slides and video, I walk you through my approach to setting up content on Twitter to get more engagement, reach, and traffic.

The course includes:

  • Slides
  • Videos (you’ll even see me and my face—sorry, but people claim to prefer this! 😆)
  • Screen sharing
  • Quizzes (to make sure you have the important takeaways committed to memory)

If you are a fast learner or prefer that I speak faster, you can increase the speed of the videos.



Tweets That Influence - logo

STEP 1: Create a Basic Twitter Content Plan (Even if You Don’t Have an Organized Bone in Your Body)

Whether you love planning or you’d rather have your armpits waxed than think about strategy and goals, you are 100% covered. I’ve made planning easy, simple, and painless. You fill out a few questions on a Google spreadsheet, and BOOM, plan done. Creating a content plan doesn’t have to be complicated or take a month.

STEP 2: Build Your Content Roadmap (No Clue What to Tweet? No Problem!)

Now that your plan is done, you’ll create a basic content roadmap using a Google spreadsheet to plan and organize your content.  Each piece of content gets mapped to a “why” and a “who” so that you’re not randomly tweeting but posting with purpose and intent. You’ll finally understand what using Twitter for business means!

STEP 3: Planning Your Visibility & Effectiveness - The Content Roadmap Part 2

Content that isn’t seen doesn’t help your business. In this module, we’ll finish filling out the Roadmap to make sure you have the knowledge—and a plan!—to make your tweets more visible and effective. You’ll know what and how much content to create so that you know exactly what you’re doing!

STEP 4: Creating, Formatting, & Scheduling Your Tweets Without Losing Your Mind

In this module, we wrap up with the final steps to creating tweets that influence your audience to say “yes” to you. You’ll discover how to use my awesome Twitter Content Plan & Roadmap document to format and schedule your tweets in a streamlined process. (NOTE: this workshop is too short to cover the actual writing of tweets!)

Who Will Benefit from this Workshop?

Social Traffic Surge is based on content and human interaction.This training is targeted to small business owners who sell products and services online. But the system itself is designed for anyone trying to reach others online. You can take the course to help your own business, your employer, or one of your clients.

This course focuses on content ONLY, which is only ONE of a few main building blocks to a successful Twitter strategy. I can pack only so much into an hour, so I’ve kept the course basic with just enough information that you can take immediate action after the hour with me.

If you’re trying to reach people online and are willing to connect with them on a personal level through content and engagement, then Tweets That Influence is meant for you!

You can’t load a bunch of links into a content recycling tool and expect to get amazing results. If that’s what you’re about, then the course isn’t a fit for you.

Who Should Use This System to Reach Others Online?

  • Small business owners
  • eCommerce store owners
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Solopreneurs/Mompreneurs
  • MLMs
  • Startups
  • Social media managers
  • Marketers
  • Authors
  • Bloggers
  • Nonprofits
  • Virtual assistants
  • Anyone who want to reach others online in a non-spammy, content-inspired way!

With such a low investment of money (only $49) and time (one hour!) PLUS a 30-day money back guarantee, there’s no excuse to wait!


Here’s why I believe the cost is well worth it:

Spending an hour with me or having me create your Twitter content strategy would cost well over $100.

You could spend countless hours searching for this information and find much of it. But you likely wouldn’t find ALL of it, laid out in this manner, with my experience and knowledge. Remember, people such as Russell Brunson and Liz Benny trusted me with creating their Twitter content system. My methods are tested, tried, and the real deal.

What do you have to lose? You can always get a refund within 30 days if you’re not happy with the course!

Should You Invest in Tweets That Influence?

Say Yes If…

You believe your audience is on Twitter, but your content hasn’t been successful at building a community and boosting your business.

You want a plan, outline, and roadmap for how to create intentional, professional content on Twitter that helps you reach your goals.

Your Twitter content needs help! You have no clue how to develop enticing, engaging, and convincing tweets—but you want to. AND…you understand that content is only ONE PART of the formula for being successful on Twitter. You can’t just post great content and expect it to work without a follower strategy, engagement, a winning profile, and more. However, you acknowledge those things are not covered in this course and you’re cool with it!

You’re willing to share your personality and knowledge with people from all over the globe, most of whom you don’t know. You’re willing do what it takes to make Twitter one of your go-to platforms.

To automate your content posting on Twitter, you’ll need a social media management system, preferably one that offers a “re-queue” option. There may be some free options that meet your needs, but be prepared to invest in an app or tool to schedule your tweets.

Say No If…

You need a basic introduction to Twitter or want an exhaustive review of every possible Twitter feature. This is a course about Twitter content strategy and tactics only. It is not a complete guide to everything Twitter.

The thought of communicating on a business and personal level with people you don’t know is unappealing to you. If you’re not interested in other people and don’t want to connect more on a human to human level, then Twitter is not a good choice for you.

You have ZERO intention of making time for regular engagement on the platform. You don’t like to follow instructions, don’t plan to use my guidelines, and refuse to listen to my advice.

There’s no way you can spend any extra money on a monthly basis for tools that will help automate content publishing on the platform.

In your opinion, tweeting is an action that often results in direct sales.

You believe that tweeting all about your offers, products, and services is the best way to nurture fans, convert prospects, and acquire customers. You also believe that every follower is awaiting your sales-driven content that screams “hire me!” with desperation. This is not the course for you. 

Access my own personal Twitter content system for only $49!
You’ll walk away with a plan and an easy-to-implement approach to content that actually helps your business.

Not sure? No problem! Give it a spin! You’re covered by a 30 day, money back, no questions asked guarantee.



I offer you a 30-day, money-back, no questions asked refund policy. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE! If you discover the course is not what you want, you can ask Teachable for a refund WITHIN 30 DAYS. After 30 days, you’re out of luck. Please visit the Terms for specific details.



You may need to invest in a social media management tool to maximize your results without sacrificing your precious time. You may also choose to invest in an image creation app or to get assistance with image creation. If you don’t already have tools that help with posting and image creation, be prepared for potential but low expenses in addition to the price of this course.


I make no income or earnings promises. Social media is not a selling tool; it’s a marketing channel that takes advantage of custom content and engagement to form connections that influence purchase decisions. Please see my Terms #2 detailing my Earnings and Income Disclaimer for more information.

What Results Have I Experienced Personally From my Twitter Content?

I joined Twitter in 2014 and worked hard to build a community.

A year and 1600 followers later, I still wasn’t making much progress. Until I started using Twitter in a different way.

Fast forward to now, and I’m thrilled I stuck with the platform and tested, tested, tested! Twitter has boosted my business in so many ways, here are a few:

A Thriving Twitter Community of Over 30,000 Connections

From 1,600 to 30,000+ followers and what a difference the increase made. Every day, I look forward to connecting with other tweeters, learning from my community, and giving back.

Increased Website Traffic

Twitter has been the NUMBER ONE social media platform for driving traffic to my opt-ins, lead magnets, and blog posts. (Thank you Twitter! ❤️)

Connections with Influencers

There is no question about it: Twitter is THE platform for interact, engage, and connect with influencers in your industry. I’ve met many influencers on Twitter, some of whom have become personal friends in real life. If you’re trying to hobnob with the important folk, Twitter’s where to be.

Micro-Influencer Status

In 2014, I was completely new to social media marketing. I had spent years in marketing and design but not in social media. I was working in Corporate America and freelancing as a digital marketer and had zero contacts, zero authority, and zero influence.

Now, in 2018, I enjoy offers for free products/apps as well as inquiries for guest blogging (to blog on my site and to blog on others’ sites), website ads on my site, influencer opportunities, and more! These are signs that my website is gaining authority and that my status as an influential person is increasing.

Social Media Blog Award

Twitter has a special relationship with Google, Klout, and other social scoring entities. Due to my blog’s Alexa ranking and Twitter popularity, I was ranked in Feedspot’s top 100 Social Media Blogs, beating out Convince and Convert and Simply Measured.

What can Twitter do as a content marketing platform for you?


Increase Site Traffic

Send traffic to your site and sales funnels—without being pushy.

magnifying glass

Boost Your SEO Juice

Consistent tweeting of engaging, keyword targeted content helps your search engine results.

speech bubble

Elevate Your Social Proof

Raise your social scoring and impact to improve your credibility and influence.


Gain Targeted Leads

Attract relevant people into your community and into your funnels.

wrist watch

Save Time and Money

Spend less time and money managing your account and more time connecting with fans.


Expand Your Reach

Extend your audience to influence more people and increase your leads.


Raise Your Authority

Be viewed as an expert and raise your influence in your industry.


Build a Community

Nurture and interact with your audience to foster the know, like, and trust factor.

dollar sign

Maximize Conversions

With these factors in place, you’ll increase your conversion rates while growing and communicating your brand.

Access my own personal Twitter content system for only $49!
You’ll walk away with a plan and an easy-to-implement approach to content that actually helps your business.

About Meghan, Your Instructor

Meghan Monaghan Smart Bird Social

Whoever said “No pain, no gain!” never met me. My desire to alleviate your pain, strain, and drain is what keeps me motivated!

Hi, I’m Meghan Monaghan, the co-founder and CEO of Smart Bird Social. I eliminate the burden that every small business owner and marketer faces when it comes to getting found and acquiring customers online with digital content.

After over 20 years in both digital and traditional marketing as well as visual design work for non-profits, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and large corporations, I now share my experience and knowledge to help you stop struggling and start doing when it comes to generating profit in less time. I’ve had the absolute pleasure to work with some of today’s leading entrepreneurs, including Russell Brunson, Michael Kawula, Liz Benny, and Kim Garst.

My Twitter advice has been featured in various publications, and I currently have an active community of over 30,000 Twitter followers. My Twitter content has helped me win a spot on Feedspot’s top 100 social media blogs in 2017 (beating out Convince and Convert as well as Simply Measured). My tweets send leads my way, connect me to my peers, and help me nurture my prospects and convince them to say “yes”—without ever being salesy or obnoxious.

Frequently Asked Questions


What does this offer me that I don't have today?

At the end of the course, you’ll have a simple, basic Twitter content plan and a roadmap of what content you need to create and a schedule. In other words, you’ll know the why, what, who, and how of your Twitter content so that you can create content that attracts and converts. If you dedicate time to create the actual content while working on the course, you’ll be tweeting away with purpose, intention, and influence.  Social media marketing isn’t an overnight success story. And, it takes more than a good content strategy to master Twitter marketing. But content is key!


How is the course content delivered?

The course is 100% online via the Teachable platform. You’ll need access to the Internet to access the course materials and videos. The course is mobile responsive, so you are able to access it via a smartphone or tablet as long as those devices have Internet access.


When does the course start and finish?

The course is self-paced. You decide when you start and when you finish. Although the course is an hour long, you can pause it as you please and absorb the information over time if you prefer rather than in one sitting.


What does the course require?

You’ll need the following:

  • Internet access
  • A computer
  • A Twitter account
  • A Google account or access to Google Docs
  • Optional: A small budget for scheduling and image creation tools (or outsourcing)
  • Content such as a blog helps as well as a commitment to creating content

May I share my access to the course?

Please do not share your login information with others. The cost covers your use only.


Is the information in this workshop applicable to other social platforms?

Yes! The Content Plan & Roadmap can be applied to other social platforms. However, this training is specifically for Twitter, so some of the advice will not work on other platforms.


How long do I have access to the course?

You will have access to this course for the lifetime of the course itself. Social media, digital marketing, and the Internet change constantly. The strategies, tools, and platforms in this course have a lifetime that is shorter than that of a human. For this reason, you will not have “lifetime access.” Instead, you’ll have access for as long as this course is applicable (but no less than one year after purchase).


What happens after I purchase the course?

You’ll receive an email with payment confirmation and Teachable will prompt you to create a username and password on their platform (if you don’t already have an account). If you have a Teachable account, then Tweets That Influence will be added to your existing dashboard. You’ll also receive an email from me with further instructions and member support details.


What if I have questions or need support?

If you have any questions or need help with the course materials and topic, please contact me via my online form. Support is also available via email (details provided after you become a member). At some point in the future, I’ll also provide support via a Facebook Group if there is enough interest. Billing and access issues must be sent to Teachable.


What is your Refund Policy?

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact Teachable within 30 days of your purchase, and they will give you a full refund, no questions asked. After 30 days? You’re out of luck. No refunds will be given after the 30 day warranty period.


What if I don't have a blog or business yet?

Having a blog or a business are not prerequisites for this course. BUT, the system is based on content. If you don’t have content to tweet, you will not get results. Be prepared to create lots of content. You can also use the strategies and skills taught in this course to manage someone else’s Twitter presence. This course concentrates on helping people who sell something online, whether that be services or products.

Access my own personal Twitter content system for only $49!
You’ll walk away with a plan and an easy-to-implement approach to content that actually helps your business.

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