Twitter Marketing Services

Our Twitter Marketing Services Help You:

Increase Your Website Traffic

Increase traffic to your site, offers, email opt-ins, and more – without looking salesy or pushy.

Improve Your Authority and Influence

Providing valuable, relevant, consistent content gives you credibility as an expert in your niche.

Build a Community of Fans

Nurture and interact with your audience to propel the know, like, and trust factor.

Gain Targeted Leads

Expand your reach and attract qualified leads who are interested in you and your value.


Elevate Your Social Proof

Your following, tweets, and engagement raise your Klout and other social metric scores to boost your social proof.

Extend Your Reach

Expand your audience and prospects to reach more potential clients.

Save Time on Social Media

By having a process in place, spend less time managing your account and more time engaging.


Boost Your SEO

Your tweets appear in Google (on page one!) and help raise your SEO value as well as your search engine ranking.

Maximize Your Conversions

With all of these factors in place, your sales opportunities increase as your reach and traffic grow.

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How Do We Approach Twitter Marketing?

Our “Twitter Marketing System” is a systematic, semi-automated process to managing your Twitter presence. Simply put, our “system” is what we call our Twitter marketing services. With a little bit of automation, you have more time for engagement and offer more value for your audience.

We’ve tested and tried this process, which is how we can say that it is a proven method and why this is the only way we offer Twitter marketing services.

How Does the Twitter Marketing System Work?


Following Strategy

We want your account to grow and attract a targeted audience. Using keywords and hashtags, we develop a targeted following strategy. We analyze the results every month and make modifications as needed to optimize your account.


Content Strategy

Success on Twitter requires relevant, engaging, value-based content. Our strategy includes evergreen content, awesome visuals, hashtags, and tweeting designed to drive clicks and engagement. (Tweeting three times a day is not enough!)


Visual Graphics

It’s critical to have eye-catching, emotional, and valuable visual content in your social media marketing strategy. We create customized, branded visuals using information from your blog content, website, other social media platforms, and the data you provide when you sign up for the service.

Success Stories

Liz Benny

Business Coach and Entrepreneur

Liz is an energetic, motivational, and accomplished coach who offers online training programs to students all around the globe. She needed to reach more people and create a community on Twitter where she could provide value to her audience, much like she had done on Facebook. But she wanted to keep her brand intact while increasing traffic to her elite programs.

Within three months, Liz’s community exploded.
Her message resonated with her targeted audience, and she was able to grow her account by 665%! 

Twitter Marketing Services - Liz Benny
Twitter Marketing Services - Anthony DiClementi

Anthony DiClementi

Executive Health Coach, Fat Loss Expert, & Author

Anthony DiClementi is a sought after fat loss expert known for teaching people to utilize strategic cheating to accelerate fat loss while still enjoying a social lifestyle. As a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) and NCSF Certified Personal Trainer, Anthony’s programs help women and men all over the globe transform their bodies without their diet taking over their life.

Within three months, the Twitter Marketing System sent over 6,000 clicks to Anthony’s websites.

Twitter Marketing Services – Pricing

All options require a $1200 Basic Setup Fee.

Choose one of three options:

  • Setup Only: We set up your Twitter system and you manage it;
  • System Setup and Monthly Maintenance: We set up your Twitter system and you manage it; or,
  • Done For You: We set up your System, maintain it every month, PLUS manage your Twitter account so you can spend time on other tasks.

+ Monthly Maintenance

We also maintain your system
  • Choose this option if you want us to set up AND maintain your Twitter Marketing System. Monthly Twitter social media management NOT included. Billed $1200 the first month; $400 subsequent months.
  • First month is $1200 (setup included)
  • Subsequent months are $400
  • Includes everything from Basic Setup Fee for the first month
  • Every month after first month you get 50 new branded, custom images with accompanying tweet text
  • Monthly System maintenance (add new content & images to queue, hashtag & keyword tweaking, follower strategy)
  • Monthly tool fee included ($50 value)
  • Weekly custom tweeting (in addition to automated tweets)
  • Daily engagement (replies, retweets)
  • Account monitoring
  • Spam removal
  • Monthly report

+ Maintenance & Twitter Management

We maintain your system & account
  • Choose this option if you want us to set up & maintain your Twitter marketing system as well as manage your Twitter social media account so that you can concentrate on your business. +$1200 setup fee required.
  • First month billed $1750 – Requires $1200 Basic Setup Fee + Monthly Management less $150 discount
  • Subsequent months – $700 per month
  • Every month after first month you get 50 new branded, custom images with accompanying tweet text
  • Monthly System maintenance (add new content & images to queue, hashtag & keyword tweaking, follower strategy)
  • Monthly tool fee included ($50 value)
  • Weekly custom tweeting (in addition to automated tweets)
  • Daily engagement (replies, retweets)
  • Account monitoring
  • Spam removal
  • Monthly report

What Clients Say About Our Twitter Marketing Services

Don’t just take it from us, let our clients do the talking!

"One thing we're all short on is time, and this system didn't require hours of work on my end. I could trust Meghan to do an amazing job representing my brand, who I am, what I believe, and my voice.

I had not done a ton of blogging, so her content strategy and the addition of visual graphics were perfect to increase my visibility and engagement. I mean, 665% growth in just three months, who does that?

Her strategies exploded my Twitter presence, creating a phenomenal community of fans. And the advantages of a targeted, engaged community meant that she was able to send around 100 website visitors to one of my webinar sign-up pages at the last minute via a single tweet. A lot of business owners still wonder about social media marketing, but I saw the results first hand with the Twitter Marketing System.

Liz Benny

Business Coach & Entrepreneur,

"The strategies that Meghan used to grow my Twitter community really worked!

The Twitter Marketing System resulted in more traffic to my online offers and coaching programs than I had received prior to using the system. I felt that my visibility was positively affected too.

One of the best benefits was that I could focus on helping my existing clients and working with new leads while not having to worry about Twitter. She saved me time and hassle, not to mention it was fantastic to see Twitter become a platform for creating a community around my niche.

By the way, her customized social media graphics looked awesome! She did a fantastic job of capturing and communicating my brand. The graphics definitely helped increase my engagement, which meant increased reach and visibility."

Anthony DiClementi

Executive Coach, Bio Hacking Expert, The Health Blueprint

After I sign up, what can I expect to happen next?


Step 1: Fill Out the Form

After you sign up, you’ll receive a secure form to fill out to help us create your custom Twitter marketing system.

Step 2: Schedule a Call

Once we receive your completed form, you’ll be emailed a link to schedule a 30-minute phone consultation.

Step 3: We Create Your System

Over the next week, we create your customized system based on your form details and our conversation. Your account will start to grow during this time.

Step 4: Your System is Launched!

You’ll receive an email when your system is up and running. The next steps depend on what package you select.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Twitter Marketing System right for me?

Ideally, Twitter Marketing System is designed for consultants, coaches, entrepreneurs, authors, small businesses, and Internet marketers who:

  • Have quality, evergreen content (ie. 30 or more blog posts);
  • Offer online products, services, or programs; and,
  • Are established in business.

However, the system may work for you even if you don’t exactly match the above pre-requisites.

Do you buy followers?

No, we absolutely do not buy followers. Additionally, we do everything we can to make sure you’re not following fake or bogus accounts. If necessary, we block any inappropriate accounts.

What is your refund policy?

If work has not yet begun on your account (ie. we have not started your initial setup), you may cancel your purchase within 24 hours of payment. There are no refunds available for the initial basic setup after it has begun and is completed.

You may cancel your monthly service at any time by sending us an email. However, monthly service fees are not prorated. Therefore, your service will continue through the 30-day payment period (unless you prefer it does not), and your cancellation will be effective starting the subsequent month after your email has been sent.

The specifics are outlined in more detail in the Terms and Conditions.

Do you require a contract?

When you pay for our Twitter packages, you’ll see a link to our “Terms and Conditions” page. By signing up for one of our packages, you’re agreeing to these Terms and Conditions. We do not require that you sign a contract, although your purchase means you agree to the terms set out in the Terms and Conditions page.  You are not required to sign up for a specific service timeframe. The service is month-to-month and can be canceled at any time (for subsequent months).

Can I upgrade after signing up?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade after signing up in SOME instances.

For example, if you wish to add monthly maintenance to the Basic Setup, you may do so. Likewise, you may downgrade from monthly System and Twitter management to System maintenance only. Any changes to your account will take place starting the subsequent month.

However, you cannot downgrade to the Basic Setup option after work begins due to the difference in setup terms.

What is your payment policy?

We require that payment is made prior to any work beginning. For monthly plans, you will be billed seven (7) days prior to the end of your thirty (30) day service term. Payment must be received before service continues. Each month the agreement automatically renews until one party cancels.

You may pay in advance for several months. We reserve the right to offer a discount for clients choosing this option.

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