13 Twitter Facts You Need to Know
to Improve Your Results


If you aren’t using Twitter for business OR
your tactics aren’t working, then you’re missing out!

Here’s what you’ll discover in this brief eBook:

Twitter Facts for Small Business eBook

How often to tweet and why it matters

Why your profile and your pinned tweet aren’t making a difference

How to improve your content’s impact

The benefits of using Twitter for business

How to extend your reach and visibility

What metrics improve when you use Twitter

What most marketers overlook that you can take advantage of

These 13 Twitter facts show you how and why Twitter makes you stand out in your niche!

Learn the major benefits of the platform and how you can achieve better business results using Twitter.

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If you miss these 13 Twitter facts, then you may never know what the platform offers you as a personal brand and as an online business owner.

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Hi, I’m Meghan Monaghan, the co-founder and CEO of Smart Bird Social. I eliminate the burden that every small business owner and entrepreneur faces when it comes to producing enough of the right content to get found in search and on social media.

After over 20 years in both digital and traditional marketing as well as visual design work for non-profits, small businesses, and large corporations, I now share my experience and knowledge to help very small businesses owners and marketers stop struggling and start doing when it comes to generating profit in less time.

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